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New Book Against Bullying...

Cuyle Carvin and our writer Fred M. Grandinetti have produced a smart, clever, effective, illustrated book against bullying called DIFFERENT WORLDS, BEST OF FRIENDS that is now available for sale. Effectively illustrated by David Hudon in fine monochromatic art, it has been in development for a while and the result is a real heart & soul piece that those who are fed up with the current 'bully-mania' trend that has even led to mass shootings and mass murder. It is a sickness in our culture healthy people are fed up with, we deal with it in some of our reviews, will continue to do so and welcome any discourse that fights back, draws the line and has zero tolerance for it.

The creators are to be commended for such fine work, which we highly recommend.

The book is priced at $7.00 and can be ordered by check or money order with your contact information/mailing address, sent to...

Fred Grandinetti

96 Edenfield Avenue

Watertown MA 02472


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