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Category:    Home > Essays > Filmmaking > Production > History > Industry > Summer Mooooo-vie Season 2017.

Summer Mooooo-vie Season 2017

Having a cow with how bad the movie summer have been? Sure, if you like movies from comic books (Guardians Of The Galaxy, Vol. 2) or the Superhero genre (Wonder Woman, Spider-Man: Homecoming), or thought the CGI sequels (Cars 3, Despicable Me 3) worked, than you are likely enjoying some of the releases. Yet, there have been awful films that should have never been made (highly unnecessary CHiPs and Baywatch revivals) and other sequels where the movie franchises are on auto pilot, feel phoned-in and have zero energy.

You'll see some smaller films become surprise hits, which is a plus for moviegoers, but it is obvious that the many disappointments (the last King Arthur film years ago was lame, so how much better could another one be?) goes to show that too many people at too many parts of all the studios and major production companies are more interested in just getting your money than actually giving you a good time for it. If you're not buying the tie-in toys or various products promoted with the film (snack cakes, for instance), overseas box-office have become the new Happy Meals for the bottom line, but that only goes so far and just admits neglect of the U.S. audience.

So, if you want to see a movie, just don't go see it if it happens to be there. Try out a smaller film over a larger, bloated one. The season still has releases worth looking forward to (Dunkirk is an Oscar contender getting a rare summer-first release like Braveheart did) and we'll see how long the heartless automatic sequels can match on.

It's great to have home video better than ever, but seeing a great film on a big screen is best of all and when we get glutted with lame duds with more bells and whistles than the history of Barnum & Bailey, studios foreign and domestic so us no favors. Pick and choose wisely!

This originally appeared on our homepage in the latter part of Summer 2017 to mid-September.


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