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Category:    Home > Essays > Drive-in > Movie Going > Revival > A Summer For The Drive-inís Return?

A Summer For The Drive-inís Return?


The actual drive-in may be making something of a comeback.More people are asking about it, some of the major chains have bought and upgraded existing ones and others are being fixed up and revived.Why?Because people like the idea of spending $5 Ė 7 and seeing two new movies from the privacy of their own cars, then play the sound through their radios instead of the heavy old wired monophonic speakers one used to hang from the window like a drive-in food tray.


Many windows today would likely crack from such weight.Could it be that people who are willing to go to a real drive-in are more likely to watch films, enjoy them and talk less?To some extent, yes, especially when the blue screen of many a cell phone interrupts dark indoor theater viewing from rude and unconscionable individuals who should know better.


If you have not been to one in a while, go!If you are not certain if you have one, look hard.You wonít be sorry.




This was our brief homepage letter in late June to early July 2007.


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