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The Electronics Hardware Windfall!


Back in the 1960s and 1970s, the idea of having Hi-Fi equipment was a fun luxury that could cost some money, but there were always the premium products at premium prices, like the better speakers, vinyl record turntables and receivers.When CDs showed up, that broke the idea of digital into the mix and with LaserDisc, then DVD and now Blu-ray and HDTV, we all know how bonkers you can go in spending money on a home theater.


When DVD arrived, VHS was suddenly cheap and those who could have cared less had a nice windfall of cheap tapes and machines.This also affected the 12Ē LaserDisc format, which included some very nice machines with great digital sound playback suddenly becoming available at unimagined low prices.They made great CD players, it was going to take a while before DVD caught up to the Laser catalog and cheap Lasers made the whole affair fun much like what just happened with the death of HD-DVD.


Now, a new windfall is happening and reflects the unusually swift nature of change happening in the home theater market.With Blu-ray arriving, DVDs and DVD players are suddenly cheaper than ever, including some pretty good machines.With analog TV cut off in February 2009, there will suddenly be a glut of analog TVs, including some nice big screen models (think 32 inches and up) with pretty good performance people are getting rid of as those who can upgrade do, instead of just getting a digital-to-analog converter box, for which there will probably not be enough. But the most interesting benefit of this upgrading are in receivers.


Sure, there are always inexpensive models and there always have been, though they have their performance limits.However, there are suddenly some very well built and expensive models suddenly available cheap that have great sound performance that is so good, that those who cannot afford expensive machines could grab for the price of a cheap one.Why?Because those who can afford the latest HDTVs, Blu-ray players and high end equipment are using HDMI and that includes receivers and other devices that have HDMI inputs, outputs and switching.


So many fine machines that have DTS and Dolby chips along with other goodies were manufactured over the years and without HDMI, as the industry only settled on the digital hookup a few years ago (over IEEE 1394 FireWire in particular) as a matter of both copyright protection and because it was cheaper than other hookups (like 1394) and that means a whole new generation of receiver.Not have full HDMI capacity will not cut it for the latest state of the art home theater system, but if it does not matter as much to you because you do not want to spend as much money or donít need the latest hardware, there are some amazing deals out there online and especially at stores that sell used equipment where you can find them.


If you are interested in a cheaper upgrades that will give you the most bang for your buck, now is the time to look for this better equipment and with the economy shakier than expected, the low process for high quality are bound to shock you and your friends.



This was our homepage letter beginning in Mid-September 2008.


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