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Category:    Home > Reviews > Comedy > Musical > Dirty Dancing – Limited Keepsake Edition (1987/Lionsgate Blu-ray Box)

Dirty Dancing – Limited Keepsake Edition (1987/Lionsgate Blu-ray Box)


Picture: B+     Sound: B+     Extras: A     Film: B+



As one of the most classic 1980s films and showcasing Patrick Swayze at his best is Dirty Dancing was made for Blu-ray. As the film has been released a multitude of times on both DVD and Blu-ray it begs the question of what is new on this set?  Well, the film is the same; there is no George Lucas treatment here my friends.  Though I think a few scenes could use a Wompa or two.  Anyhow, this set is basically a rehash of the previously released Blu-ray (reviewed elsewhere on this site), but manages to throw in a ton of extras to make the repurchase worth your while.


As the film has been reviewed to death on this site I will refer you to the links below for further input.  I will say that after over 20 years I still love the film.  Sure some of the acting is pretty bad and the cheesy lines don’t make in any better; but something about the odd love story coupled with great music and quality dancing makes it classic.  It is a classic 1980s film, but dose not fall into the same category as say a John Cusack film.  Dirty Dancing stands on its own as a film that can be watched again and again.  As a male some of the gooier love story aspects make me role my eyes, but overall I find the film to be fun and memorable.  What can I say?  The unusual blend of the 1960s and 1980s works on some levels and not so much on others, yet I find myself fascinated.


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Dirty Dancing 20th Anniversary (DVD)



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Dirty Dancing- Limited Keepsake Edition (DVD)




The technical features on this Blu-ray are nice although not perfect.  The picture is presented in a 1080p AVC encoded 1.78 X 1 widescreen that for a 1987 film has great detail and clarity.  The colors are vivid with deep, inky blacks to frame each scene with ease.  There is a degree of grain present throughout and certain sequences I found to be somewhat soft, but nothing that was overly distracting.  There are no noticeable compression issues and overall I was quite pleased with the presentation.  The sound is a 7.1 DTS-HD Master Audio that is crisp, clean and clear with little issues.  I found certain moments being softer than they should have been, but for the most part everything came through clear and balanced.   The directionality was nice and the ambient noises gave atmosphere.  The shining piece of the audio track would have to be the music as it is a key component of the film.  On Blu-ray the music is boisterous and well balanced taking the release to the next level.  In terms of picture and sound I would have to that both were very well done.


The extras are plentiful and will have any fan overjoyed.  The extras include the following:


Commentary with writer/co-producer Eleanor Bergstein

Commentary with Kenny Ortega, Miranda Garrison, Jeff Jur, Hilary Rosenfeld and David Chapman

Kellerman’s: Reliving the Locations on Film

Dirty Dancing: The Phenomenon

Dancing to the Music

The Rhythm of the Dancing

Never-Before Seen Photo Gallery

Tributes: In Memoriam; tributes to Patrick Swayze, Emile Ardolino and Jerry Orbach

Fan Reel

Theatrical Trailer in HD

Eleanor Bergstein Script

Vintage Featurette

Trivia Track

Dirty Dancing Live in Concert

Dirty Dancing with Patrick Swayze


Hungry Eyes’ Music Video

She’s Like the Wind’ Music Video

‘(I’ve Had) The Time of My Life’ Music Video

Multi-angle Dance Sequences

Cast Interviews with Jennifer Grey, Eleanor Bergstein, Miranda Garrison and Kenny Ortega

Original Screen Tests

Deleted and Alternate and Extended Sequences

*Digital Copy*

*Commemorative Art Book*


Wow! That is a ton of extras.  Granted most of the extras are recycled from all of the releases listed above, but at least they are all in one place now.


I would say if you already own Dirty Dancing on Blu-ray and are just a casual fan there is no need for the double dip, but for true fans this is a must have.  I would hope there is not another release anytime soon, but with a title like this who knows?



-   Michael P. Dougherty II


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