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Category:    Home > Reviews > Animation > Comedy > Children > TV > Tom & Jerry Tales – The Complete First Season (2006 – 2007/Warner Bros. DVD Set)

Tom & Jerry Tales – The Complete First Season (2006 – 2007/Warner Bros. DVD Set)


Picture: B-     Sound: B-     Extras: D     Episodes: A-



Tom and Jerry are back!  The amazing comical duo, the never-ending chase of cat-and-mouse.  Be it friends, rivals or enemies, at home or on the moon, in the past or future, watch as Tom tries to catch his friend Jerry from getting away with the cheese.  Using whatever he can or some crazy invention Tom tries to corner Jerry, and watch as Jerry uses his wits and cleverness escape Tom's various attempts and contraptions, with mayhem and laughter following right behind them.
Tom & Jerry Tales – The Complete First Season is the latest version of a truly a classic animation team.  Each episode has 3 escapades along with brand new animations.  Let Tom and Jerry, along with a supporting cast of characters entertain you with their adventures.  Depending on the situation, sometimes Tom could be just the housecat trying to stop a thieving mouse or he could be a villainous cat out to get poor Jerry.  And Jerry as well sometimes could be just an innocent mouse or he could be teasing Tom and getting him into trouble.  Either way, whatever the goals might be, Tom and Jerry are always together.
The antics of age old anonymity between a predator and a prey, the series plays on their relationship/friendship/nature between cat and mouse with crazy chases and light hearted comedies.  I remember watching the original shows and shorts when I was young and enjoyed the various situations/places/physical impossibilities the characters were placed in.  The new series has a slightly new animation style with a clearer frame/pixels, while there is no overall plot, it is fun to watch whatever place, time or situation the characters might be in next.
Episode 1:
Tiger Cat- Tom gets some stripes and is mistaken for a tiger at the zoo.
Feeding Time- 'Do not feed the animals', Tom must stop Jerry or get fired.
Polar Peril- Tom wants to catch Jerry, but it's a little hard when he has a polar bear.
Episode 2:
Joyriding Jokers- Tom and Jerry take Spike's new car for a spin.
Cat Got Your Luggage?- Tom works as a bellboy for a hotel.
City Dump Chumps- Tom and Jerry find all sorts of uses for junk in the scrapyard.
Episode 3:
Way Off Broadway- Tom and Jerry compete in a street performance.
Egg Beats- Tom has a chicken that keeps on laying eggs when ever she hears a beat.
Cry Uncle- Jerry's Uncle comes for a visit... to both Tom and Jerry's dismay.
Episode 4:
Bats What I Like About the South- Jerry meets a bat just like him.
Fraidycat Scat- Tom is spooked by a movie, giving Jerry an idea.
Tomb it May Concern- Tom and Jerry enter an tomb, and they are not alone.
Episode 5:
Dino-O-Sores- Tom and Jerry finds some dinosaur eggs and become instant parents.
Freaky Tiki- Tom and Jerry find themselves on a tropical island with an angry fire deity.
Prehisteries- See Tom and Jerry as prehistoric cat and mouse.
Episode 6:
Digital Dilemma- Tom and Jerry go to the digital world.
Hi, Robot- Tom uses a robot mouse to trick Jerry.
Tomcat Jetpack- Tom becomes a flying cat with a new jetpack.
Episode 7:
Fire Breathing Tom Cat- Tom must somehow catch a dragon.
Medieval Menace- Tom and Jerry finds some magic wands.
The Itch- The Rat rock band is in town, and their music is just to itch for.
Episode 8:
Ho Ho Horrors- Tom and Jerry share a Christmas dream that’s more that just a dream.
Doggone Hill Hog- Spike claims King of the Hill, but for how long... ?
Northern Light Fish Fight- Tom and Jerry go for a bit of ice fishing.
Episode 9:
Cat Nebula- Captain Jerry finds he has an alien Tomcat aboard his ship.
Martian Mice- Tom is mistaken for a chicken and is taken away by Martians.
Spaced Out Cat- Tom builds a rocket to the moon.
Episode 10:
Octo Suave- Tom gets an octopus admirer that just won't let him go.
Beach Bully Bingo- Tom and Jerry team up to stop some party beach crashers.
Treasure Map Scrap- Jerry has a map to some undersea treasure.
Episode 11:
Destruction Junction- Tom works at a construction site to build a building.
Battle of Power Tools- Tom and Jerry compete to see who can make the bigger house.
Jack Hammered Cat- Tom works to get a bite to eat.
Episode 12:
Tin Cat of Tomorrow- Tom is replaced by a high tech robo cat!
Beefcake Tom- Tom is out of shape and needs to get back into shape.
Tomcat Superstar- Being #1 is lonely at the top.
Episode 13:
Piranha Be Loved By You- Tom goes on a date, it would be nice... except for the Piranha.
Spook House Mouse- Tom and Jerry enters a house of horrors.
Abracadumb- Tom and Jerry put on a magic show.


Picture and sound are as good as the singles of the show previously issued we have covered before, but there are no extras.



-   Ricky Chiang


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