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Category:    Home > Reviews > Animation > Comedy > Aqua Teen Hunger Force – Volume 7 (Warner/Adult Swim DVD)

Aqua Teen Hunger Force – Volume 7 (Warner/Adult Swim DVD)


Picture: B     Sound: B     Extras: C     Episodes: B



Aqua Teen Hunger Force is an amazingly creative animated series that has never failed to impress.  The humor ranges from intellectually stimulating too down right crude, but either way it is astounding.


The one gripe I have with Aqua Teen Hunger Force is not the set itself, but rather the inconsistency in which episodes are aired on television.  The series does not maintain a weekly airing and constantly is showing reruns.  Seasons have been seeming split and spread throughout a year’s time, rather than delivering what fans want and deserve.  I love Aqua Teen and will continue to watch, but like any relationship I want consistency, rather than always having to wait for a box set to see all the episodes.


The episodes included in this set are as follows:

1.      Creature From the Plaque Lagoon

2.      Time Machine

3.      2-An-A-Half Star Wars Out of 5

4.      Fry Legs

5.      Der Inflatable Fuhrer

6.      The Last One Forever and Ever (Live Action)

7.      Rubberman

8.      Multiple Meats

9.      Monster

10.  Rabbot Redux

11.  Eggball


2-An-A-Half Star Wars Out of 5 is a creative episode that will keep you guessing until the final reveal when it makes all too much (hilarious) sense.  The live action episode I did not find so impressive as others have spoken about, but it was still humorous.  But in the end there is not a bad episode in the mix and Aqua Teen Hunger Force is as entertaining, creative and awesome as ever.


Even if dancing is forbidden…


The technical features on this set are quite nice and appear to even be approved over the Volume 6 release.  The picture on ATHF is presented in a bright, colorful, and incredibly crisp 1.33 X 1 full frame image that all in all impresses this reviewer.  Granted most of the animation is done exclusively on computers, but nevertheless it looks amazing.  As always, the image transfers on the Adult Swim sets standout as incredibly well done with precise detail attention.  The sound this time around ahs been upgraded to a Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround that is nice.  Whereas much of the series remains dialogue driven, there is also a fair bit of action.  The directionality is nice and ambient noises are used at appropriate times to heighten the already chaotic atmosphere.  It was nice to finally see the series get the treatment it deserved.


The extras include Live Action Behind the Scenes: The Making of 12 minutes of Television that Changed Television for 12 minutes; Rubberman Behind the Scenes: Your Mom and Uncle Sing about Condoms; Dumb Down your Smart Phone; Terror Phone II: The Legend of Rakenstein; Live Action Carl: The Dave Long Story: Shave your Head, Grow a Mustache and Gain 80lbs for a Shot at Fame.  The best feature is the Rubberman Behind the Scenes as it really nicely showcases the making of a musical number on ATHF and the time/talent that goes into every moment.  The other nice feature was the Live Action Carl just because it was fun to see how ridiculous people can get for a shot at fame.


This set and series are highly recommended…as always.



-   Michael P. Dougherty II


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