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Simon & Simon: Season Four (1984 1985/Shout! Factory DVD)


Picture: C+ Sound: C+ Extras: D Episodes: B+



Get ready for some 80's action with Simon & Simon, P.I.s solving various cases and serving up justice. Join Rick and A.J. Simon, two private investigator brothers working both legal and not-so-legal sometimes to solve the various mysteries that fall into their laps... anything from domestic troubles, friends or mobsters, to international cases. These two brothers let nothing stand in their way, working together they always get the man or woman, or things they are looking for. In this season they travel the world, facing kidnappers, thieves, saboteurs, mummies and more...
This series is filled with classic 80s drama and comedy, from old fashion detective work to kicking down the doors. Simon & Simon is a mix of mystery, action and more. While Rick usually likes to beat up the bad guys and kick down the doors, A.J. is more inclined to use his head or charm to solve the case. Together or separate these two brother gumshoes will investigate, go undercover to uncover whatever the truth is. I enjoyed both the comical drama and action between the two brothers; the various episodes/cases were interesting, even funny at times.
I would consider this to be a family drama, while there is action, gun fights, and serious situations, you don't actually see too much violence... but then special effects have improved since the 80s. The setting mainly takes place in San Diego, but the various cases sometimes take them world wide, it is interesting to see when film crews actually had go to the places to shoot the film. The character Rick and A.J. are two brothers who are polar opposites. Rick the older brother is a ex-US marine veteran and uses more his fists and gun to solve the cases while his brother A.J. who is college educated and uses more his intellect. The antics between the two brothers are amusing; adding to fuel is their doting mother and their friend who works in the police station, Downtown Brown. If you like drama, mystery with a bit of comedy then this is a great series to watch.

Episode 1: C'est Simon
When Rick and A.J.'s mother friend is kidnapped in France, and when their mother goes missing they take it personally.
Episode 2: A Little Wine With Murder?
When a food critic is murdered, A.J. and Rick investigate the cause, a restaurant with questionable ingredients.
Episode 3: The Dark Side of the Street
A young man is about to get married, but then starts receiving various death threats from his 'greatest admirer'. He hires Simon & Simon to find out who it is.
Episode 4: Manna From Heaven
Rick is framed for murder when man who threatens to repossess is found dead, the only clue he has is a nameless woman he met at the bar.
Episode 5: What Goes Around Comes Around
When a racer's car is blown up for the 3rd fowl play is suspected, A.J. goes undercover to find who is sabotaging the races.
Episode 6: Who Killed the Sixties?
A.J.'s old flame appears back in his life and wants to find her brother's killer from 20 years ago. Can Simon & Simon solve this cold case?
Episode 7: Break a Leg, Darling
A.J. and Rick are hired to protect an actor couple, someone has more than a flare for drama and theatrics, but it is hard to tell when the couple are drama queens themselves.
Episode 8: Almost Completely Out of Circulation
A young boy believe his grandfather was murdered and left clues behind in the comics he drew of who the villain was.
Episode 9: Our Fair City
A mayor of a neighboring city hires Simon & Simon to find a man who is gunning for him, but when corruption and vice is common practice and everyone is guilty of some crime, who really committed the crime?
Episode 10: Deep Cover
A TV reporter has hired a killer to try and kill him to boost his ratings, but when he finds out it is real must hire A.J. and Rick to try and call off the hit.
Episode 11: Revolution #9-1/2
When Rick and A.J.'s wayward Uncle returns with another get rich quick scheme they are whisked off to a tropical get away...with a civil war going on.
Episode 12: Yes, Virginia. There is a Liberace
Rick and A.J. tries to make a little girl's Christmas wish come true of bringing home her father, who has more than just a little debt with the local mob.
Episode 13: Almost Foolproof
When Rick and A.J.'s friend begin noticing homeless people are disappearing off the streets, they begin looking for them before they turn up as John Does.
Episode 14: Enter the Jaguar
A professor of ornithology is frame as a master jewel thief, A.J. and Rick must proof his innocence and catch the real thief.
Episode 15: Simon Without Simon: Part 1
When Simon & Simon become famous, the fame goes to their heads and they split up over their squabbles, little do they know the case was far from over...
Episode 16: Simon Without Simon: Part 2
The brothers find themselves faced with attempted murder, and must work together to catch the ones who framed them.
Episode 17: Slither
A.J. goes undercover to watch over a girl who is trying to break her drug addictions, but reality isn't as easy when drugs are found in her locker, she runs away only to fall into old vices again... can A.J. and Rick find her before she does something she'll truly regret?
Episode 18: The Mickey Mouse Mob
A.J. and Rick are hired by an upcoming politician with a checked past to reunite with his family, but what will they do when they are caught between a feud between East and West mobs.
Episode 19: Mummy Talks
When an Egyptology graduate find an unaccounted mummy in the basement of her museum she hires Simon and Simon to find out who her mummy really is.
Episode 20: Marlowe, Come Home
Rick and A.J. must catch thieves who are kidnapping champion dogs for ransom and sends Marlowe their own dog undercover, but ends up being kidnapped as well.
Episode 21: Out-of-Town Brown
When A.J.'s and Rick's friend Downtown Brown's cousin is framed for murder, there is some strange cover up for what really is going down.

The 1.33 X 1 image and Dolby Digital 2.0 Mono are the same as previous volumes we have covered, including the Second Season here:





- Ricky Chiang


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