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Category:    Home > Reviews > Superhero > Animation > Comedy > TV > The Superhero Squad Show – Volume 1 (2009/Shout! Factory DVD)

The Superhero Squad Show – Volume 1 (2009/Shout! Factory DVD)


Picture: B-     Sound: B-     Extras: C     Episodes: B-



Superheroes are big money these days, so it is no surprise that there are a variety of new films and television series that have deep comic book origins.  One of the newest superhero series to hit television is the animated presentation in the form of The Superhero Squad Show.


The Superhero Squad Show technically is not based on the Superheroes they resemble or any particular comic book plot line.  In fact this series is based on the Hasbro toy line of the same name.  The toy line is essentially made up of pint size, somewhat cherub looking versions of some of our favorite Marvel heroes.  The superheroes in this series include the likes of Iron Man, Wolverine, Thor and Captain America amongst many others.  So like its Transformers predecessors this animated series is more of a marketing tool directed at children, rather than a labor of love.  With that said, however, the series does have a somewhat interesting premise.  Getting past the deformed appearance of the heroes themselves, the story starts with Dr. Doom setting out on a quest of world domination, only to be stopped by Iron Man.  Dr. Doom had acquired the Infinity Sword, whose power is limitless; but unfortunately for him the sword was shattered into fragments (fractals), which are now scattered throughout Super Hero City.  Each episode then features the superheroes in different situations in which they are pitted against Dr. Doom while he attempts to regain the powers of the Infinity Sword.


There are only 7 episodes in this volume (one of which is the Pilot), which is somewhat annoying since Season One has a total of 26 episodes; in turn making this release less than a quarter of the season.  Like Transformers though the series does have promise.  It is somewhat hard to get used to the style as the characters seem like badass Flintstone Kids than Marvel Superheroes, but in the end the storylines are great.  They infuse many different superheroes (obviously so they can make more toys) in diverse adventurous situations making the stories not only gripping, but giving the writers the opportunity to reference an array of classic comic book material.  I could go on and on about the plethora of superheroes (not to mention villains) that appear in this series, but I will just leave it at that you will not be disappointed.


Whereas the series is not as dark as other recent superhero incarnations, it is still creative and can hold its own.


The technical features on this quick 7-episode, single disc release are nicer than one would expect.  The picture is crisp, clean and clear with vivid colors and deep, framing blacks throughout.  Since this is new animation it is good to see that there is no debris or grain to be found.  It seems to be a series that would lend itself quite nicely to Blu-ray.  The sound is adequate but nothing thrilling in its stereo track; all in all I would say it gets the job done.


The extras only include and Interview with Stan “The Man” Lee, which is nice and lively (as Stan always is), but not long enough and I was expecting more.


The series is certainly worth a look.



-   Michael P. Dougherty II


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