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Supersonic Man (1979)/War Of The Robots (1978/VCI Double Feature DVD)


Picture: D Sound: D Extras: D Films: C+



For a briefer period and because it was not as broad to rip-off, several producers tried to cash in on Superman The Movie (1978) as much as Star Wars (1977), making a few bad or unintentionally funny films along the way. VCI has issued a double feature of both kinds of knock-offs.

Supersonic Man: It's a bird... it's a plane... it's who!?! When evil Dr. Gulik (Cameron Mitchell) kidnaps a scientist and plans to takeover and rule the world with the 'ultimate force', he didn't count on a blue-skinned, red costumed alien hero in his plans. Mild manor reporter Paul is secretly an alien sent to watch over the human race to protect its people, whenever he speaks into his watch "May the Great force of the Galaxy be with me." He transforms and becomes nearly invincible hero to stop anything, Supersonic Man. This 1979 Spanish production barley made U.S. release, but you can see it for yourself now.
War of the Robots: A dieing alien/cyborg/robot race kidnaps two human scientist who are on the verge of finding out the secret of life. Captain Jack and his crew now must chase after them to rescue them, and bring them back before a doomsday device is set to explode on Earth... but their trip on the way goes awry, they are force to land to make repairs and they meet another alien race and discover something even more startling. Can Captain Jack and his team stop the aliens, rescue the scientists and save the Earth in time as well? This 1978 release was made in Italy (in something called Telecolor) and stars Antonio Sabato Sr. as his star was declining and he did B-movies; a far cry from Grand Prix (1966), but as wacky as any Corman film, so its DVD arrival is timely.


These films were created when everyone was behind on visual effects and far before digital video arrived, even competing with big productions like Star Trek The Motion Picture (1979, or so they thought) and maybe even parody them... but never the less, the are a show of example of Sci-Fi films before there was computer graphic or any special effects. You could see superheroes, aliens, spaceships, special effects have come a long way since then. You could tell from the digital quality the films were transferred from VHS, much of film had the grainy texture of older films however.
It was during the late 70s the space program had some of it greatest popularity and achievements though it was soon to see itself winding down for outright travel, but we NASA was still sending satellites to nearby planets, the early beginnings of the international space station was revving up and the space shuttle was late. But all was powered by the same questions.  Is there any intelligent life out there? How far will mankind reach into space? Will he ever go to other planets or stars one day? Dreamers, scientists, idealists, came to answer some of these questions some of these films. The films not only entertained but showed the spirit and imaginations of the time, as well as the fear of nuclear technologies and aliens of the time.



- Ricky Chiang


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