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Small Wonder - The Complete Second Season (Shout Factory DVD Set)


Picture: C     Sound: C+     Extras: D     Episodes: B+



PLEASE NOTE: This DVD set is only available exclusively from Shout! Factory at their on-line website store.  You can find the link to that site below.



Welcome back a blast from the past, Vicki!  A little robotic android cute as a button, made of plastic and steel, but has a heart of gold.  Vicki is a little super robot that is trying to learn to be more human, she lives with the Lawsons as their 'adopted daughter'.  As Season Two of Small Wonder starts, Vicki learns and grows more, from going to school to getting a job, learning to do things they way humans do, but can they hide this small wonder's little secret?
In Small Wonder, Vicki is an experimental robot that lives with the Lawsons, Ted; her creator, Joan; Ted's wife, and their son Jamie. As they teach Vicki (and more often Jamie as well) good morals and behaviors, things tend to go wary because of either Vicki's robotic super powers or she take things to literally.  As they struggle to keep her true identity a secret, they get unexpected (and unwanted) visits from their nosey neighbors, the Brindles, specially a little girl Harriet, who has a massive crush on Jamie.
This is a humorous series from the 80s of the dream of walking, talking robots.  Unlike robots from outer space or robots from the future destroying mankind with doom, gloom, explosions, Small Wonder is a more lighthearted series and sitcom, a funny series to watch as a little robot with super strength and abilities try to be anything but like a human child.  Granted, robots of today are nowadays are no-where still close in become humanlike, it is funny to see what people thought back then would be necessary to be humanlike.  This show's focus is not the science as much as morals, good for all ages and family it shows how to teach an innocent child (or robot in this case) rights and wrongs, ‘family values’ and the little revolutions in life.
Episode 1: Chewed Out
As Jamie enters high school he tries to fit in with the 'Guys', but in order to fit in smoking and chewing tobacco seems to be the rage.
Episode 2: Money, Money, Money
Jamie falls for another girl, but all she seems to be interested is in the size of his wallet.
Episode 3: My Mother the Teacher
When Jamie's teacher falls ill, Joan substitutes in (to Jamie's dismay) as the teacher. Vicki goes to the school for the first time.
Episode 4: Here Comes the Judge
Jamie and Vicki learns a bit about the judicial system, that you can't try and cheat your way out of justice.
Episode 5: Home Sweet Homeless
Ted and Joan teach Jamie and Vicki about the homeless and to help them out.  Of course things get a bit out of hand when Jamie actually brings one home.
Episode 6: Crazy Like a Fox
Ted and Joan try and teach Jamie that buying stolen goods is not good, no matter how good the price is.
Episode 7: The Older Woman
Jamie falls for an older woman when Harriet brings her cousin around, he finds out dating older girls isn't easy as it looks.
Episode 8: Who's the Boss?
After a few mistakes, Jamie sick and tired being bossed around, he wishes he could be the boss of the house.  Later that night he dreams what his family would be like if they were all his robots.
Episode 9: P-P-P Paula
Jamie is paired with Paula, a girl with stuttering problems.  Can Vicki help her solve her problems?
Episode 10: You Gotta Have Heart
After watching the Wizard of Oz, Vicki wonder can a robot have a heart?  Can the Lawsons explain what a heart is and what does it mean to love?
Episode 11: The Shoplifter
Ted reads in the papers about children shoplifting, but things get really hairy when Vicki thought it meant for her to shoplift.
Episode 12: Thanksgiving Story
The Lawsons learn about Thanksgiving isn't about how much you have, but it about appreciating what you already DO have.
Episode 13: Neighborhood Watch
The Lawson's return home to find their house burglarized, they set up a neighborhood watch program to protect everyone.
Episode 14: Movin' Up
Ted has a chance to move up in life to a better job with more money, but if it means they will have to move, is it worth it?
Episode 15: Top Secret
Ted tells a white lie when Jamie wants something to brag about his dad with all the boys. Soon the lie comes back to Ted and blows up in his face.
Episode 16: The Personality Kid
Jamie tired of his friends teasing him about Vicki for her personality (or lack of one) tries to reprogram Vicki with a new personality.
Episode 17: Matchmaker, Matchmaker
Jamie starts a computer dating service with Vicki, but when Vicki become the target of two boys things start heating up.
Episode 18: Little Miss Shopping Mall
Vicki is entered into a beauty pageant with Harriet. ~Ah, nothing like neighborly rivalry.
Episode 19: Victor/Viki-toria
Vicki tries out for the baseball team, only thing is girls aren't allowed.  Here's comes Victor.
Episode 20: Look Into My Eyes
Vicki uses hypnotism on everyone to act a certain way with key words ...with hilarious results.
Episode 21: Wally the Wimp
Joan invites an old friend from college that Ted used to tease, Wally the Wimp.  Unfortunately for Ted he is no longer a skinny little wimp... he's turned into a professional wrestler.
Episode 22: The Cat's Meow
Ted brings home a robot cat, which gets Vicki more than just a little jealous.  Vicki decides to runaway.
Episode 23: Vicki Goodwrench
Vicki stumbles on her talent to fix machines, but soon the Lawson's find out they may have just found a goldmine.
Episode 24: Double Wedding
Ted and Joan decide to renew their wedding vows, but no sooner than the Brindles find out, they decide they want in on the fun too.


As noted above, you can order at this set at the following link:





-   Ricky Chiang


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