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Category:    Home > Reviews > Anthology > Mystery > Suspense > Supernatural > British TV > Brian Clemens’ Thriller – The Complete Series (Region Free/0/Zero/PAL Import/Madman Australia Limited Edition 18 DVD Box Set/remastered & restored)

Brian Clemens’ Thriller – The Complete Series (Region Free/0/Zero/PAL Import/Madman Australia Limited Edition 18 DVD Box Set/remastered & restored)


Picture: C+     Sound: C+     Extras: B+     Episodes: B



PLEASE NOTE: This DVD set can only be operated on machines capable of playing back DVDs that can handle Region Zero/0/Free (despite being marked Four/4) PAL format software and can be ordered from our friends at Madman Entertainment at the website address provided at the end of the review.  Box set image © ITV Global Entertainment.  THIS SET IS LIMITED TO ONLY 1,000 COPIES!



We began reviewing Brian Clemens great anthology series Thriller a few years ago with a set that covered the first two volumes, then nothing.  Turns out the shows were being restored and now, Madman Entertainment has picked up the series and issued a Complete Series Limited Edition box that features all six seasons of the show and a bunch of new extras, including many never before seen.


Here is our coverage of the original, shorter set:






Each show offered scripts usually written or originated by Clemens (sometimes finished by his very talented friend Dennis Spooner among others) and they are:


1)     Lady Killer (with stars Barbara Feldon, Linda Thorson & Robert Powell)

2)     Possession (with stars Joanna Dunham, John Carson & Hilary Hardiman)

3)     Someone At The Top Of The Stairs (with stars Donna Mills & Judy Carne)

4)     An Echo Of Theresa (with stars Paul Burke, Polly Bergen & Vernon Dobtcheff)

5)     The Color Of Blood (with stars Norman Eshley & Katherine Schofield)

6)     Murder In Mind (with stars Zena Walker, Richard Jordan & Donald Gee)

7)     A Place To Die (with stars Bryan Marshall, Alexandra Hay & Lila Kaye)

8)     File It Under Fear (with stars Maureen Lipman & Richard O’Callaghan)

9)     The Eyes Have It (with stars Peter Vaughan & Sinead Cusack)

10)  Spell Of Evil (with stars Edward De Souza, Diana Cliento & Iris Russell)

11)  Only A Scream Away (with stars Hayley Mills, Gary Collins & Jeremy Bulloch)

12)  Once The Killing Starts (with stars Patrick O’Neal and Michael Kitchen)

13)  Kiss Me & Die (with stars George Chakiris, Jenny Agutter & Hunter Russell)

14)  One Deadly Owner (with stars Donna Mills, Jeremy Brett & Laurence Payne)

15)  Ring Once For Death (with stars Barry Nelson and Nyree Dawn Porter)

16)  K Is For Killing (with stars Steven Rea, Christopher Casenove & Gayle Hunnicut)

17)  Sign Of Death (with stars Francesca Annis, Patrick Allen & Sheila Fearne)

18)  Who Killed Lamb? (with stars Stanley Baker, Denis Lili & Peter Salis)

19)  A Coffin For The Bride (with stars Helen Mirren & Michael Jayston)

20)  I’m The Girl He Wants To Kill (with stars Julie Sommers & Robert Lang)

21)  Death To Sister Mary (with stars Jennie Linden, Robert Powell & George Maharis)

22)  In The Steps Of A Madman (with stars Richard Vernon & Faith Brook)

23)  Come Out, Come Out, Wherever You Are (with stars Peter Jeffrey & Linda Day George)

24)  The Next Scream You Hear (with stars Dinsdale Landon & Christopher George)

25)  Screamer (with stars Pamela Franklin and Derek Smith)

26)  Nurse Will Make It Better (with stars Diana Dors, Patrick Troughton, Ed Bishop and Cec Linder)

27)  Night Is The Time For Killing (with stars Judy Geeson & Charles Gray)

28)  Killer With Two Faces (with stars Donna Mills & Ian Hendry)

29)  A Killer In Every Corner (with stars Joanna Pettet & Patrick Magee)

30)  Where The Action Is (with stars Edd Byrnes, Ingrid Pitt & George Innes)

31)  If It’s A Man – Hang Up! (with stars Gerald Harper, Carol Lynley & Tom Conti)

32)  The Double Kill (with stars Peter Bowles, Gary Collins & Stuart Wilson)

33)  Won’t Write Home, Mom – I’m Dead (with stars Pamela Franklin, Suzanne Neve & Ian Bannen)

34)  The Crazy Kill (with stars Denholm Elliot & Anthony Valentine)

35)  Good Salary – Prospects – Free Coffin (with stars James Maxwell, Julian Glover and Kim Darby)

36)  The Next Voice You See (with stars Bradford Dillman & Catherine Schell)

37)  Murder Motel (with stars Ralph Bates, Edward Judd & Derek Francis)

38)  Sleepwalker (with stars Michael Kitchen, Darlene Carr & Ian Redford)

39)  The Next Victim (with stars T.P. McKenna, Ronald Lacey, Carroll Baker & Martin Benson)

40)  A Nightmare For A Nightingale (with stars Keith Baxter, Susan Flannery, Ronald Leigh-Hunt & Stuart Damon)

41)  Dial A Deadly Number (with stars Gary Collins, Gemma Jones & Beth Morris)

42)  Kill Two Birds (with stars Bob Hoskins, Dudley Sutton & Susan Hampshire)

43)  A Midsummer Nightmare (with stars Joanna Pettet, Brain Blessed, Tony Anholt & Freddie Jones)

44)  Death In Deep Water (with stars Bradford Dillman & Ian Bannen)


After showing in the U.S. as the original series, the shows were made into faux TV movies and syndicated in the U.S. with dumb, bad and now dated new title sequences, sometimes with different titles and even newly-shot footage that often had zero to do with the story!  Fortunately, the original titles have been restored, as have the episodes, but more on that in a minute.

The result was Clemens most successful project since The Avengers, an anthology show that did everything he could possibly do with the suspense genre and a nearly lost show finally back and in its original glory.  Towards the end of the show, they started to run out of steam and quit while they were ahead, but it is fun all the way and you can see why so much acting talent was on board throughout.  Watching them again, it is a great show waiting to be rediscovered and now it can be.


The 1.33 X 1 full color, PAL, full frame image was mostly shot in the analog PAL format with some 16mm filming, but ITV Global has spent some money to really fix up these shows from the remaining analog videotape masters, correcting flaws that include video noise, video banding, telecine flicker, tape scratching, PAL cross color, faded color and tape damage.  It is a remarkable job and though there are limits and flaws no restoration can help (some later shows are not in as good a shape as earlier installments) and an improvement over the original two-season set we covered a few years ago.


The Dolby Digital 2.0 Mono has also been restored and by going to earlier-generation (sometimes first generation) audio stems, they have fixed the sound up resulting in fullness I never imagined we would hear.  Laurie Johnson scored all the episodes effectively and created the great instrumental theme song.  Combined with the more colorful, clearer, cleaner image, this set establishes a new standard for how good videotaped TV classics can look.


Extras includes booklet with technical information and episode guide in the cube box the set comes in, the U.S. opening and closing titles on the majority of the shows that were turned into TV movies for that market, on-camera introductions by Clemens on all episodes you can access through the chapters menu on all of them, audio intros by Clemens on later episodes you can access through the chapters menu on all of them, still galleries on all 18 DVDs, Three featurettes: Creating Thriller, Directing Thriller, Producing Thriller, alternate extended version of “If It’s A Man – Hang Up!”, Audio commentary with Brian Clemens and Guest Star John Carson on "Possession", Original U.S. trailers and ad-break bumpers for selected episodes, hilarious U.S. title sequence for "Possession" with Brian Clemens commentary, excellent Restoration comparison featurette, the Thriller spin-off episode “Who Killed Lamb?” staring Stanley Baker, original set design documents, dialogue continuity script for Series 1 episodes as PDF DVD-ROM files.


That all makes this one of the most collectible DVD sets we have seen lately, but when Madman goes out of their way to do this kind of set, they can compete with the best and here, they did.  Fans should not miss it!



As noted above, you can order this PAL DVD import set exclusively from Madman at:





-   Nicholas Sheffo


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