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Category:    Home > Reviews > Martial Arts Cycle > Thriller > Ninja's Creed (2009/aka Royal Kill/Lionsgate DVD)

Ninja's Creed (2009/aka Royal Kill/Lionsgate DVD)


Picture: B-     Sound: C     Extras: C+     Film: B



When a deadly female assassin is sent to kill Himalayan King and his bloodline, a royal soldier is sent to America to protect the last surviving princess.  Everywhere they go, she seems to be right behind them, each place they run or hide to soon becomes compromised and they soon learn there is no safe place to hide.  As they clash, the soldier battles for their survival, but the assassin finding them, toys and plays a dangerous mind game of cat and mouse with him.  How does she keep finding them?   And will he be able to stop her?  So is the set-up of Ninja’s Creed (2009), which also happens to be the last film of actor Pat Morita.
This is a suspense-filled movie.  A modern day story of a young girl and a soldier, when she is suddenly told by a man she just met she is the last surviving princess of a Southern Asia kingdom and an assassin is targeting her.  Her life is soon turned upside down as body bags start filling up and she is running for her life. The female assassin is an enigma herself, nothing is known about her except that she never fails, but what is maybe more surprising is royal soldier whom was sent, as he starts having blackouts and begins to remember clues to who this assassin is.  The line blurs as the battle between good and evil, but in the end... there can be only one.
This film was not what I expected, with title Ninja's Creed' and a hot girl on the cover, I thought at first it was going to be a standard femme fatale movie, but it turned out more like mystery drama, like The Usual Suspects.  The film gives you entire story but for the final piece that makes you see the film with a new light at the end. While there were no traditional ninja in black garb, the 'ninja' refers to in essence to what we call today covert-ops, espionage, sabotage or even assassination.  I guess it follows in the 'ninja's creed', that "A ninja is born in darkness, lives in darkness, and dies in darkness" it plays on mystery of a ninja's existence and leaves you questioning if there really was a ninja in the first place.  Extras include behind the scenes with interviews, deleted scenes, outtakes and trailer galleries.



-   Ricky Chiang


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