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Category:    Home > Reviews > TV Situation Comedy > Cable > My Boys – The Complete Second & Third Seasons (Sony DVD)

My Boys – The Complete Second & Third Seasons (Sony DVD)


Picture: B-     Sound: B-     Extras: D     Episodes: A-



PJ and the boys are back, back with more laughs, mischief and various ups and downs with their romances on the hit cable TV show My Boys.  On the job, in the bar or at home, through thick and thin there is only one thing they can really count on, and that is the thing they can't live without, the one thing that never changes and holds them together... their friendship.


This set has two seasons-worth of episodes…
Season 2: In the Second Season, PJ's mystery man turns out to be Bobby, things however get strained when he gets engaged... and PJ has yet to confess her feelings to him. As various members of the gang ride up and down their various careers, can they prepare Bobby to leave the honorable ranks of bachelorhood?  Is PJ going to lose one of her boys?
Season 3: After Bobby's near marriage, PJ confesses her hidden feelings toward him and end up as a couple, but for some reason PJ doesn't want the others to know.  As group grows, their jobs improve with various promotions and new opportunities, so does various relationships and romances (sort of), turns out PJ isn't the only one with a hidden romance. How long can they keep a secret before the rest finds out?

This is a comical series about PJ and her friends working and playing in the windy city of Chicago. PJ is young professional female sportswriter, but because of tomboyish ways her main group of friends are mostly male, or better known as her 'boys'.  Her best friend is Stephanie, a budding best-selling author on books for woman and their relationship with men, she also gives PJ advice and various tips when it's about the opposite gender.  The 'boys' are Andy; PJ's married lawyer brother, Brendan; PJ's rockin rollin roommate and bar manager, Mike; is a forever non-commitment skirt chaser, Kenny; is a clumsy friend that’s challenged with girls but later develops a secret relationship with Stephanie, and finally Bobby; is another sportswriter like PJ but comes from very wealthy family and becomes PJ's love interest by the end of season 3.

This was a funny series, the cinematography was beautiful, shot in the beautiful city of Chicago, it was like the series 'Friends' except with fewer females and more males. The main protagonist PJ, shows a good looking, strong, independent young woman. It is because of her interests and career in sports most of her friends are male, and she just likes to hang out and have fun with the 'boys', but in truth (ironically) she still is looking for the love of her life, in essence however... the series sometimes makes it feel like she has a reverse harem going.  The seasons were short in my opinion and ended on cliffhangers, but each one of the episodes fill with interesting, fun and comical situations in which the modern day individual can relate to in various ways.
Season 2
Episode 1: The Transitioning
PJ and Stephanie takes a trip to Italy and quickly her mystery man is revealed to be no other than Bobby.  Back home the boys get lonely and due to Mike's unchecked indiscretions gets them banned from their favorite bar.
Episode 2: Dinner Party
PJ not liking the feeling of not dating throws a singles dinner party.  Meanwhile Stephanie's new book becomes an overnight success and Andy shows off to the guys his new hot Swedish nanny.
Episode 3: The Shirt Contest
PJ gets a chance to write a biography of a sports star, but he proves to be less than what she wanted.  Brendan gets laid off when his radio station is bought by another corporation.  To cheer the guys up the boys compete in shirt designing contest.
Episode 4: Spit Take
When Elsa is threatened to be deported, Bobby makes the shocking announcement of their engagement.  Andy in joins an improv class and Brendon is still down in the dumps because of his unemployment.
Episode 5: Take My Work Wife... Please
Andy's relationship with his co-worker Jo makes the gang think he is cheating on his wife. Kenny's sudden popularity with ladies drives Mike up the wall when he can't get even one woman.  The guys find out why Stephanie's book is such a success, it's about them... as male pigs.

Episode 6: Dudes Being Dudes
The boys hold a bachelor party for Bobby, PJ really wants to attend but instead attends Elsa's shower.
Episode 7: Opportunity Knocks
PJ helps Bobby plans for his wedding, but is charmed by his brother Jack... which she then hears rumors about his womanizing ways.
Episode 8: Jack & Bobby
PJ and her friend go to Bobby's Father's ranch for the wedding. PJ is caught between wanting to help Bobby's wedding be a success, stopping the wedding and confessing her feelings she had in Italy for him, and having a romance with Bobby's brother Jack.
Episode 9: John, Cougar, Newman Camp
and Jack get into a fight causing Jack to leave and Bobby without a best man. Meanwhile Mike gets involved with an older woman and Kenny and Stephanie start eyeing each other...
Season 3

Episode 1: Welcome Back, Kalla Fotter
Bobby gets cold feet at the last minute and the wedding is called off.  The guys start a mustache-growing contest and Andy gets another new baby.
Episode 2: Private Eyes
PJ starts to secretly date Bobby, and it just makes the boys just want to find out who it is. Brendan starts new job at a night club.
Episode 3: The Boyfriend Hat
PJ gets a promotion, but the boys say she got the promotion because she is a hot looking girl and not really because of skill.  Bobby learns that being a boyfriend to PJ means agreeing with her... even if she is wrong.
Episode 4: Decathlon: Part Dux
The annual board game decathlon gets Bobby and PJ riled up and maybe just a little too competitive.  Stephanie tries to write an article on what men are like when women aren't around.
Episode 5: Carpe Burritoem
PJ accuses all of Brendan's choices leave him worse than he was and challenges him that she can make better decisions for him for a week.  Mike helps Stephanie's relationship seminar... in teaching woman how to dump men.
Episode 6: Madder of Degress
A heatwave in the middle of winter not only raises the temperature, but seems to make everyone to be 'in heat'.
Episode 7: Facebook the Past
Everyone is talking on how great Facebook is, how you can keep in touch with friends.  PJ learns that it is a double edge sword when Bobby finds out how many ex-boyfriends she keeps in contact with.  Maybe knowing someone online isn't the best way to make friends...
Episode 8: Friends of Friends
Stephanie tries to help PJ make more female friends, leading to a couples date... but there is one catch.  Andy must face his old therapist (which he hates) who is now befriended with Mike and Kenny.
Episode 9: Spring Training
PJ and the gang go to Arizona to watch the Cub's spring training, meanwhile Brendan finds himself in hot water when he finds out he's making out with a player's girlfriend who is using him to make her boyfriend jealous.  Stephanie tries to tell PJ about her relationship with Kenny.

Picture and sound are the same as the previously reviewed set and there are no extras.



-   Ricky Chiang


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