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Mister Ed The Complete Third Season (1962 1963/Shout Factory DVD Set)


Picture: C+ Sound: C Extras: D Episodes: B+



Wilbur and Carol are back with Mister Ed in Season 3 with more laughter and more mischief. More often than not, Wilbur finds himself in trouble with his talking smart-alec companion and his quick witted talking horse. Join Wilbur and Ed as they continue to poke fun as well as drive their neighbors, The Addisons up the wall. In this season Ed gets amnesia, goes into show biz, deals with the secret service and much more...
This is a comical series based on the loveable owner with his talking horse. Wilbur Post is married middle class American with a talking horse, Mister Ed (who talks only to him) that is more like an extended family member than a pet. The two characters are neigh inseparable (seeing how Wilbur's office is right next to the stable) Mister Ed is able to walk freely in the barn, office, house or yard, and seeing how he can open doors, use the phone or even the typewritter... Ed causes Wilbur more trouble often than not. It is a wonderful series that has captured the hearts of the viewers.
A blast from the past, Mister Ed was created in the 60s, almost 2 decades before I was born. Before special effects, before CG, before even color TV see what was considered entertainment and comedy on TV. Even after its final aired episode, this series is well remembered, it is cherished and loved many generations afterwards, if there is ever a reference to a talking horse anyone knows it's Mister Ed. This series fulfills the childhood dream of have a horse and imagining what it would be like if an animal can talk back to you.
Episode 1: Ed Gets Amnesia
When a bucket falls on Ed he forgets who he is, along with that he is a horse.
Episode 2: Wilbur the Good Samaritan
Wilbur tries to help a paperboy get his job back, after accidentally getting him fired.
Episode 3: Wilbur and Ed in Show Biz
Wilbur and Ed goes into the spotlight after seeing fame and money.
Episode 4: The Bashful Clipper
Wilbur and Ed help a talented young Clipper open his own salon.
Episode 5: Ed and the Allergy
Roger's mother-in-law comes over for a visit and discovers her allergy: Mr. Ed.
Episode 6: Horse Sense
Ed writes as Wilbur for article and soon the fame goes to Wilbur's head.
Episode 7: Wilbur in the Lion's Den
Playing with Ed certainly has its ups and downs, but this time it lands Wilbur in the lion's den.
Episode 8: Horse Party
Wilbur throws a party for Ed's birthday and invites his stable friends.
Episode 9: Ed the Pilgrim
Ed tells a tale in how a horse brought about Thanksgiving.
Episode 10: Disappearing Horse
Wilbur is in on a magic show, in how to make a horse disappear!
Episode 11: Ed and Paul Revere
Wilbur and Ed become models for a statue in honor of Paul Revere.
Episode 12: Wilbur the Masher
Ed's whistling at another horse cause Wilbur to be mistaken for hitting on a married woman.
Episode 13: Horse of a Different Color
Ed enters the life of the big top.
Episode 14: Ed and the Bicycle
Ed gets a bit jealous when Wilbur takes a bike ride out instead of him.
Episode 15: Ol' Rockin' Chair
Wilbur makes a chair out of Ed old horseshoes, turns out it's worth a bit of money.
Episode 16: Big Pine Lodge
Wilbur and Ed head up to the slopes but find a pair of cardsharks.
Episode 17: Unemployment Show
Ed gets a job and then gets an unemployment check.
Episode 18: Horse Talk
Wilbur tries to learn horse talk to uncover who really drugged a race horse.
Episode 19: Ed and the Secret Service
Ed's call to the White House to the first lady causes the Secret Service to come knocking at Wilbur's door.
Episode 20: Working Wives
Wilbur and Rogers wives go to work and the boys see what life is like without them around.
Episode 21: Wilbur's Father
Wilbur's Father decides to get remarried, but cause a little confusion when Wilbur mistakes it for much younger woman.
Episode 22: The Price of Apples
Roger gets sick of Ed always eating his apples.
Episode 23: Ed the Zebra
Ed decides to live in the zoo when Roger dresses him up in clothes.
Episode 24: Ed the Emancipator
After reading about Abraham Lincoln, Ed decides to free all the 'captive' animals.
Episode 25: Doctor Ed
Ed dreams what life would be like if he was a doctor.
Episode 26: The Blessed Event
A slight mis-communication causes both the Posts and Addisons to think each other is having a baby.


The 1.33 X 1 black & white image and Dolby Digital 2.0 Mono are on par with previous Ed releases, which you can read more about at the link below, but this set has no extras:





- Ricky Chiang


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