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Category:    Home > Reviews > Comedy > Animals > Children > Family FIlms > The Family 4 Pack (Frasier The Lovable Lion/George/Mule Feathers/Zindy, The Swamp Boy/VCI DVD)

The Family 4 Pack (Frasier The Lovable Lion/George/Mule Feathers/Zindy, The Swamp Boy/VCI DVD)


Picture: C†††† Sound: C†††† Extras: D†††† Films: C



When the media made smart programming for children that kept the idea of growing up in mind instead of garbage to make us all feel like children who should never grow up, feature films were are and outside of Disney rarely did well.Four such projects have been collected by VCI on their Family 4 Pack DVD set.Watchable and somewhat dated, Disney was in decline at this time and TV killed the feature film market for most kidsí films, but the following did get made:


Frasier The Lovable Lion (1973) has a talking title character in an attempt to do a more modern Mr. Ed type tale, but the makers were not able to do more with it and any such attempt after My Mother The Car (an all-time TV bomb that substituted a talking car (with a manís dead mother of all things) showed how dated and played out this concept was by then.Michael Callan, Katherine Justice, Marc Lawrence, Joe E. Ross and Malachi Throne star.


George (1972) is about the 250-lb St. Bernard dog of the title becomes a wedding gift form a relative, but the airline pilot husband is not amused at first.Also child-friendly like the last film, but for much younger viewers.


Mule Feathers (1977) is narrated by the late, great Don Knotts and tells the tale from his point of view as the mule, who is used by a preacher to travel, but when gold gets in the way of The Word, you know what might break loose.It does not always work either, but it has a few good moments and co-stars Rory Calhoun.


Zindy, The Swamp Boy (1972) has a grandfather/grandson go to the wild and only the younger one remains, so he has to become quickly proficient in the ways of the wild.Not bad.



The image on the various aspect ratios (all are 1.33 X 1, save the 1.85 X 1 on Frazier) of these films are from dated material and all have their flaws, detail limits and color issues, while the Dolby Digital 2.0 Mono on all four also show their age.There are no extras.



-†† Nicholas Sheffo


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