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The Legend Of Bruce Lee (2008/Lionsgate DVD)
Picture: B-     Sound: B-     Extras: D     Feature: A-



Bruce Lee, American born, Chinese raised, martial art master, philosopher, and movie star. He took the martial arts world by storm and left unforgettable movies, as well as his life, his myth, his legend inspired all who knew him.  It also reiterates that Kung-Fu/Martial Arts wasn't just about fighting, but discipline, practice, and understanding. Bruce Lee became an iconic hero to the people, everything he did reflected his life and philosophy. He was not only a master in martial arts, but teacher in his sayings, and a master of the human spirit.

This is yet another take on the life of Bruce Lee, this time from Chinese television, showing us again how he became a martial artist, from the people he met, to the things he learned and how he lived his life.  The film starts off with Bruce Lee winning karate championship and then flashes back to how he first started into martial arts, how he gradually learned, the challenges and difficulties he faced. It showed the changes he made and improvements in martial arts he made.  From his early life to his death the film showed how he started out as a reckless youth and became the legend he is.
This film could almost be a biography of the life of Bruce Lee not unlike the film Dragon back in the 1990s, including much fighting, but Bruce Lee's training on the path to become a true martial artist.  The movie also showed some of the struggles Bruce Lee went through life, opposition for him teach non-Chinese martial arts, various loss and injuries, how he overcame them, and how he formed his own style and ideology.  Phrases like "Flow like water..." came from his philosophy.  My only small complaint is there are two tracks, English and Chinese, listening to the English track the Chinese voices were dubbed and listening to the Chinese track the American voices were dubbed.  I would recommend this for any Bruce Lee fan, especially those who have been talking about Ip Man, a recent hit about Lee’s mentor.  This film is a great homage to his life and legend.



-   Ricky Chiang


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