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Category:    Home > Reviews > Mystery > British TV > Telefilms > MidSomer Murders – Set 15 (Acorn Media DVD)

MidSomer Murders – Set 15 (Acorn Media DVD)

Picture: B-     Sound: B-     Extras: B     Episodes: A-



Detective Chief Inspector Barnaby is back and out to catch those who would disturb the peaceful (or unpeaceful) county of MidSomer.  In the beautiful county of MidSomer things aren't always what they seem, and hardly a day goes by without the detectives not finding a dead body the next morning.  Along with Detective Sergeant Jones, Barnaby race to find the clues, to find out what really happened, before another murder occurs.  Welcome back to the very long running series MidSomer Murders now on Set 15 (!) from Acorn Media on DVD.
Planning for weddings can be a killer... but in this set, there IS a killer in the wedding!  As couples set up for holy matrimony, a killer is among one of the guests... but who can do such a thing and why?  Truths and hidden pasts are revealed and soon uncovered.  As Barnaby and Jones crash the wedding, age old family feuds occur (adding to the confusion) Barnaby must determined which is a row and who has a good enough reason to have committed murder.
If you like murder and mystery with a British charm, then this series is for you, inspired by the books of Caroline Graham of murder and mystery in the quiet English county.  MidSomer has spawned a whole series beyond the original books.  Lurking underneath the quiet, peaceful villages of MidSomer there lurks someone one with an appetite for a bloody murder.  With a calm demeanor (unless it involves his wife or daughter) the character Detective Chief Barnaby with his skills of deduction and reason, uses his wits and charm to solve the case and catch his killer.  With all suspects, all of them have some reason to want the victim dead, but who was it that really that did it?  Extras include photo gallery, behind the scenes documentary with cast, crew and author, explaining how MidSomer became a hit series.


Blood Wedding:
When a high society wedding takes place, the maid of honor is found dead afterwards.  With fortunes involved and an army of heirs could be, there is no simple answer... someone is after the family fortune.  Unlucky for Barnaby, he must not only deal with high society nobles, but his own daughter's wedding plans has run into some 'problems' as well... which is easier to solve, who knows?


Shot at Dawn:
90 Years have gone by since the war and the family of Hammon and Hicks are still at it... with each other.  For dishonored soldier name, a Hick is found shot dead the next morning... and the Hammon and Hick are all pointing fingers at each other

.  Turns out the Hammon and Hick have more relations between each other than they know... Can Barnaby solve this case before both families decide to go to war against each other again?


Left for Dead:
Things are supposed to be happy at a wedding when Detective Jones attends as a best man, but after the murder of the groom's brother, things have a darker tone, especially when the brother was dislike by the community for building the new overpass.  All the protestors were sharpening their knives... but did they really do it?  But getting to the bottom of the case Barnaby uncovers a mystery goes back 19 years ago when two boys disappear and 4 friends have been hiding a secret ever since...


Super Sleuths: MidSomer Murders:
Join cast, crew and even author on the creation of MidSomer, how it started from book to on the screen.  Interviews detailing how the characters, script, even music were settled on... and how it became a British popular series.


Picture and sound are on par with recently reviewed sets we covered elsewhere on this site and extras are noted above.  Set 16 is up next…



-   Ricky Chiang


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