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Category:    Home > Reviews > Crime > Drama > Murder > Mystery > Police > Burgulary > TV > Dragnet 1968 - Season 2 (Shout Factory DVD Set)

Dragnet 1968 – Season 2 (Shout Factory DVD Set)


Picture: C     Sound: C     Extras: B     Episodes: B+


A blast from the past, in the metropolis city L.A. of 1968 where millions of people reside, work, play, grow... someone’s got to uphold the law and protect it's citizens.  Join Sergeant Joe Friday and his partner Officer Bill Gannon as they patrol the streets of L.A.  No crime is too small, no mob is too large as these two gumshoes find the facts, server and protect the cities citizens and up hold the public trust in the Second Season of Dragnet 1968.
This is a crime drama about mainly two Los Angeles police detectives, as they shift through the day how they stop, prevent or protect various people from crimes and how catch those who would commit crime.  Filmed in it's day on location, it shows how police work was done back then, the series paint a semi-realistic day to day function of what the police to in their daily jobs.  From sitting out on a stake out, to talking with it's community citizens, it shows being a cop is more than just playing cops and robbers, that it takes hard work, courage, dedication, and a cool and level head to not only be another person in uniform, but what it takes to be a good cop.
This series (a revival of the previous hit TV version of the show that began as a hit radio drama) is old school, unlike current day police dramas like NYPD Blue or Law and Order, you won't find good looking cops kicking down doors or having a police car chase scene. That the police do more than the TV drama shows, it's also a lot of paperwork, foot work and follow up is part of being a cop too. Being a cop doesn't mean you are the law, but a servant for the people, that a police's job isn't just stopping crime, but also preventing and sorting out a crime. The series takes various case files and tells their stories, and at the end of each episode it concludes how each case is handled by the law afterwards. The series gives it's viewers a tribute and the feelings to how the real-life policeman works.  Extras include Jack Webb - the man behind Badge 714, the pilot telefilm/TV movie and a commemorative booklet.

Pilot Movie: A series of young women models are turning up missing, Joe and Bill take up the case to find these missing young ladies.


Episode 1: The Grenade
The police arrest a young man from throwing acid on another man, but then when they release him and learn the young man is a troubled youth, things turn for a bit more serious when discover he has a live grenade.


Episode 2: The Shooting Board
Friday is under investigation when he discharges his weapon and the investigation squad is unable to find the bullet that was shot at Friday.  Police cannot discharge their weapons without good cause.


Episode 3: The Badge Racket
A pair of con artists are posing as policemen, conning business men for their money.  Sergeant Friday and Officer Gammon lay a trap to catch these impersonators.


Episode 4: The Bank Job
A man forces several women to rob banks with him, Friday and Bill get some unexpected help from an involuntary citizen.


Episode 5: The Big Neighbor
Friday and Bill takes a night off and just want to watch the football game on TV, but it's a little hard when the entire neighborhood comes knocking for the neighborhood policeman (-men).


Episode 6: The Big Frustration
A fellow policeman is feed up to with all the red tape, cases, and injustice that remains uncorrected and disappears.  Friday and Bill must find him before he does some permanent damage to his career.


Episode 7: The Senior Citizen
A day-time burglar is on the prowl, Friday and Bill must figure out his pattern... turns out he's a lot older than them!


Episode 8: The Big High
A young couple thinks it's ok to do drugs and get high once in a while... but consequences catch up to them when they forget about their son.


Episode 9: The Big Ad
A man desperate puts in the ad "Will do anything for $1000", but what will he do if it is a killing?


Episode 10: The Missing Realtor
A realtor is missing but someone is still using her credit cards, Friday and Bill retraces her steps to find her.


Episode 11: The Big Dog
Stealing purses is nothing new, but when it turns out to be dogs, that something Friday and Bill must get to the bottom of.


Episode 12: The Pyramid Swindle
Sergeant Friday and Officer Bill must prove how a woman's pyramid scheme is actually a rip-off.


Episode 13: The Phony Police Racket
Bill and Friday must catch a man who is soliciting ads in a magazine (supposedly) for the benefit of police widows and orphans.


Episode 14: The Trial Board
Undercover cops witnesses a cop accepting money from a known bookie, but when the cop says otherwise, Friday and Bill gets to the bottom of the case, who is telling the truth and who is lying?


Episode 15: The Christmas Story
Sergeant Friday and Officer Bill must find a stolen Christ child for a local church in time for Christmas.


Episode 16: The Big Shipment
A small charter plane crashes with several pounds of drugs and marijuana on board. Friday and Bill want to catch whom it was being delivered to.


Episode 17: The Search
Two young girls are missing, Friday and Bill search the neighbors, a local pedophile, the divorce alcoholic father... but turns out to be something they didn't expect.


Episode 18: The Prophet
Sergeant Friday and Officer Bill warns a religious cult the dangers using drugs with religion and that drugs aren't really a good way to meet God.


Episode 19: The Big Amateur
"Officer Dengle" is shining example of a policeman, and all the people love him and want to honor him.  Only problem for Sergeant Friday is there is no "Officer Dengle" on the police payroll...


Episode 20: The Starlet
A young girl runs away to Hollywood to seek stardom, but often seeking stardom is a trail of tragedy... leading to the pornography industry.


Episode 21: The Big Clan
Sergeant Friday and Office Bill must stop the string of gypsy fortunetellers rip offs organized by the various gypsy clans.


Episode 22: The Little Victim
Sergeant Friday and Officer Bill must protect innocent, specially a baby who can't even fight back from his abusive parents.


Episode 23: The Squeeze
Friday and Bill must somehow get a known extortionist to confess targeting of an electronic business.  With the usage of new technologies they get him tripping over his lies.


Episode 24: The Suicide Attempt
A man's mother calls the police and tells her son is going to commit suicide.  Friday and Bill must find him before it's too late.


Episode 25: The Big Departure
A string of burglaries are taking place all over town, turns out a group of kids want to start their own utopia... but is it really possible?


Episode 26: The Investigation
New recruits are signing up for the police force.  Sergeant Friday and Bill must do extensive background checks... especially when 6 months are missing from a man's resume.


Episode 27: The Gambler
A company is being audited for $100,000, someone is stealing from the company.  Friday and Bill find a compulsive gambler, anyone who gambles can lose big.


Episode 28: The Big Problem
Sergeant Friday and Officer Bill give a talk to the community about 'Police Brutality', but talking about it and actual officers in the field are two very different things.

This is our first look at the series as we missed the first season when Universal issued it back in 2005 when they put it out on its own, which we just missed.  This new set has a 1.33 X 1 color image and Dolby Digital 2.0 Mono sound, but it can look and sound a little worn throughout.  Otherwise, this is a good set.



-   Ricky Chiang


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