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Category:    Home > Reviews > Comedy > Satire > Hollywood > Catering > Party Down – Season 2 (Starz/Anchor Bay DVD Set)

Party Down – Season 2 (Starz/Anchor Bay DVD Set)


Picture: B-     Sound: B-     Extras: C     Episodes: A-



Welcome back to Party Down (now on Season Two), where the party is crazy and the caterers are even crazier!  Henry finally gets to be the manager and gets the chance to run Party Down team.  Ron after a failed business venture comes crawling back to the crew.  Casey, returns from her comedian tour stirring both tensions and Henry's heart.  Kyle is still trying to get into Hollywood (not to mention the nearest woman's pants). Roman is writing SF novels hoping to strike rich.  And there newest member of the crew, Lydia, is a middle age manager mother for 13-year-old daughter aspiring starlet.
This is a comedic series about a group of actors, writer, and friends who are struggling to get by in L.A. all the meanwhile waiting for their chance break into Hollywood showbiz.  Unfortunately for them their current job, catering, requires them to work for the very people they would like to be.  As they work and serve for each party they try not to driver their host (and each other) crazy, maybe with the right connections they can make their dreams come true.
This is a very funny series.  I would like to say I could recommend it for the family and all ages ...if not for the occasional nudity or sexual situation.  A group of caterers, friends and dreaming of what it is to hit the big times (not to mention they ARE actors *irony*), they make fun of lifestyle of the actors (or the filthy rich), but for better or worse they always have each other, and that's worth more than any job... right?  Extras include gag reel and trailer.
Episode 1: Jack Onassis Backstage Party
Henry has to fire one of the crew and get a new staff member, meanwhile Roman gets a chance to dress up and pretend to be a rock star.
Episode 2: Precious Lights Pre-school Auction
Life of the future rich starts early, getting the right connections and people.  Ron's back on the team, but this time Henry's the boss.
Episode 3: Nick DiCinto's Orgy Party
Casey is disgusted they are hosting at an orgy party ...so who is ready to go first?
Episode 4: James Ellison Funeral
Hosting at a funeral is a somber business, problem is at an all black funeral who is the white chick with the young boy?
Episode 5: Steve Guttenberg’s Birthday
The gang gets to hang out with Steve Guttenberg, they go over Roman's new Sci-fi script and try and help him to improve it... to his dismay.
Episode 6: "Not on Your Wife" Opening Night
As flames of passion ignite between Henry and Casey, several cases of mis-identity happen and things truly become a comedy of errors.
Episode 7: Party Down Company Picnic
It's the annual company picnic as Ron tries to get new promotion, a little catering rivalry occurs between them and Henry's girlfriend's caterers.
Episode 8: Joel Munt's Big Deal Party
Roman's old friend, a hack and a flake, hires Party Down to gloat in front of him, and Roman evokes 'the code'. ~Ah... revenge is a dish that is best served cold.
Episode 9: Cole Landry's Draft Day Party
The crew has to help a young football recruit get drafted, with each draft millions are slipping away, but then find the rumors that he might be 'fancy'...
Episode 10: Constance Carmell Wedding
An old friend of Party Down is getting married ...but the family's daughter think she is doing it for the money and wants to stop her, all evidences seem to agree, but is it true?


Picture and sound are better than I expected versus the review of the first season with the same specs, but that does not make it perfect, yet I can see why the show is a hit.  Start with either volume.



-   Ricky Chiang


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