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Category:    Home > Reviews > Musical > Backstage > Teens > Comedy > AIR The Musical (2010/Cinema Epoch DVD)

AIR The Musical (2010/Cinema Epoch DVD)


Picture: B- Sound: B- Extras: C Feature: A-



AIR is a modern day musical about the stories of 3 different couples: A middle aged African American and a widow mother, a socially reclusive girl and parking attendant, and a young punk conductor/guitarist. All of them feel lost and out of place, feeling trapped by the world they feel they need to feel free, and to find the person who can do that for them...
This musical was story about love, lost and then finding the way again as is the usual boy/girl story. A middle age man and woman who both lost their spouse, find comfort in other when meeting at a bar. A girl who lives above a stage meets a young man when they totaled their cars with each other. A budding young musician seeking to create the 'perfect song' alienates his current girlfriend and wonders if he is really the 'one' for her.
I would first say not bad for a low budget musical as you could tell this was film was done with some schools dance, theater club and orchestra/marching band. It was a romantic comedy drama of how the characters meet and fall in love, most of the character's problem was learning to live with themselves, learning to admit they were wrong and then having the courage to take the next step, it was heart warming and sometimes even funny. It could have added a few more songs in my opinion and my only complaint was with the final couple, the young conductor, his story had nothing to do with the other two couples. Extras include commentary with filmmaker audio, behind the scenes, still gallery and trailers.



- Ricky Chiang


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