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Category:    Home > Reviews > Superhero > Action > Adventure > Science Fiction > Animated > TV > Iron Man: Extremis (Marvel Knights Animation/Shout! Factory DVD)

Iron Man: Extremis (Marvel Knights Animation/Shout! Factory DVD)


Picture: C     Sound: C-     Extras: A     Main Program: B+



When a prototype nanotechnology super soldier serum falls into an anti government sociopath, Iron Man is sent to stop his rampage, but Extremis re-writes the entire human body, granting super strength, speed, toughness, breath fire and more!  After their first battle the Iron Man suit is almost turned into scrap metal and billionaire Tony Stark is left in critical condition.  Has Iron Man finally met his match?  To save his life and defeat this new adversary Tony decides only way is to take the Extremis serum himself in Iron Man: Extemis...
Get ready for the next evolution of Iron Man. Tony Stark, billionaire, hero, genius finds himself questioning what is his company doing, originally he built Iron Man to save his life, but now finds most of his inventions are on the battlefield.  The Iron Man suit IS still a weapon and only thing that separates Tony Stark from another power hungry villain is how he decides to use his inventions, but his contemplation is cut short when a new threat appears, another super soldier project gone wrong... but unfortunately for Iron Man the project succeeded.  The serum can make a man faster, stronger, tougher than even the Iron Man suit, and it is in the hands of a madman. After barely surviving their first encounter, Tony believes the only way to go beyond the Iron Man limitations is to combine both Extremis and Iron Man technologies....
Based on the Marvel comic by artist Adi Granov, this story follows the comic almost word for word.  It uses images/panels from the comic and adds bits of animation movement simple actions of the characters, such as talking, walking, zooming in, fire, energy beams, fighting, etc... it is almost like watching the comic book come to life.  Though both characters and animation is cool, after watching this film I can say there is hardly any difference between the film and the comic, basically if you've seen one then you've seen the other.  I would have liked to see if they could have come up with some more original animations, different compositions or at least different views points.  Extras include interviews with artist Adi Granov, behind the scenes of Iron Man: Extremis, Visual History of Iron Man, music video, and trailer.



-   Ricky Chiang


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