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Category:    Home > Reviews > Action > Adventure > Fantasy > Battles > Swords > Videogame > Red Vs. Blue: HALO The Recollection - Seasons 6, 7 & 8 (New Video/Flatiron Film Company DVD Set)

Red Vs. Blue: HALO The Recollection - Seasons 6, 7 & 8 (New Video/Flatiron Film Company DVD Set)


Picture: B-     Sound: B-     Extras: A     Episodes: B



As the human race expands into the vast universe, in the future to secure humanity's survival is troopers of the Red and Blue teams.  Training, holding their post dutifully (most of the time) they protect their bases from the other side, but with the Freelancers, AI, Aliens show up in the mix, things are getting a little crowded in the neighborhood.  Who or what is their purpose on this planet?  These AIs seem to hold the secret, who/what ever has them has the tactical advantage in battle, and memory is the key...
The Red and Blue teams have been fighting a civil war with each other, but in truth they have been serving only as the testing/training ground for Project Freelancer.  Both Red and Blue teams are in a run for their money and must set aside their differences when a rogue AI/Freelancer called the 'Meta' starts collecting other AI and their abilities.  Freelancer Agent Washington mission is to stop Meta and collect the AIs.  Joined (unwillingly) Washington and the Red and Blue teams must accomplish their respective missions...
Base off the popular video game HALO, a first person, sci-fi shooter game, this series tells the tale of the soldiers of the game.  This is a futuristic animation, the various characters or 'troopers' have unique personalities that are comical as they try to survive the battlefield (not to mention each other).  However, you focus less on the tech and CG, and more the characters and dialog.  While each faction/character has their motives, reasons, friends, ultimately they all realize they had been manipulated.  The main story is not as amusing as the antics and banter between the various troops, there is dumb, and there is always dumber.  Extras include audio commentary with the filmmakers, special videos and PSAs, deleted scenes, outtakes, visual effects, and cast interviews.

Season 6 - Reconstruction
Things are not going good for Freelancer Washington.  With the Meta collecting various AIs and combining their various powers, he just seems unstoppable.  The truth behind the AIs creation was to produce a new weapon, Alpha the original AI, but when Alpha was found uncontrollable, it was splintered into various AIs, and the AIs went crazy and rogue.  This all stemmed from Project Freelancer and new truths are revealed that some of their team members might have not even been human... Now the boys must infiltrate the freelancer base and get a little payback with a little EMP.
Season 7 - Recreation
After erasing the Blues files from the database, Caboose sets off to try and fix the Epsilon unit.  Sarge and the Red team quickly realize without the Blue team they have no purpose and decides to join and help Caboose restore the Blues, not to mention they were the who erased their files in the first place. Old friends that were dead... turns out some of them aren't so dead, that some of them were actually AIs, and they enter an ancient ruin and base to find them some bodies.  However Agent Washington is back and working with Meta this time, he cut a deal with higher-ups to retrieve the Epsilon Unit in exchange for his freedom, no matter the cost...
Season 8 - Revelation
Church and Tex are back, and Tex is as bad and just as mad as ever.  Piecing their fragments of their memories together they strive to discover who they are and head up to an abandoned base.  After discovering who they really are, Tex sets a trap for Washington and the Meta to interrogate them to find out where the director is.  Lines are drawn and the time of talk is over, only things talking are coming out of the barrel of a gun.



-   Ricky Chiang


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