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Category:    Home > Reviews > Animation > Comedy > TV > Futurama – Volume 5 (Fox Blu-ray)

Futurama – Volume 5 (Fox Blu-ray)


Picture: A-     Sound: A-     Extras: B-     Episodes: A-



Of one of the many atrocities that have been done by the FOX broadcasting network over the years, the canceling of Futurama has to be among the worst.  No other series that I know of, outside of Family Guy (another former casualty of FOX), has ever been brought back from cancellation.  Sure series have swapped networks or had last minute extensions, but not many have got to claim full rejuvenation years later.  The fact of the matter is that if it were not for diehard fans, along with Cartoon Network’s constant airing of the series would we ever have gotten the opportunity to view new episodes of the intergalactic chaos that is Futurama.


Volume Five delivers all 13 hilarious episodes of the new season, kicking off the season with Rebirth a great episode that has the entire crew dying, only to be ‘reborn’ again.  The following 12 episodes have Leela, Bender, Fry, The Professor, Dr. Zoidberg, Amy, Hermes, and the rest of the Futurama cast getting into and out of trouble only like they can.  Matt Groening (creator of The Simpsons) graciously jumps back into the ring to deliver a new season of a series that only seems to get better with time.  This season has the crew of Planet Express in the Garden of Eden, resurrecting Leonardo da Vinci, finding Bender’s mortal manufacturing defect, more time traveling, cat invasions, mutant uprising, mind exchanges, and plenty of robot lovin’.  Not to mention a BRAND NEW X-Mas episode with plenty of holiday maiming and musical numbers.


Futurama is pure genius and whereas I can’t say this season held the series best episodes, there were certainly many great ones presented.  It may take a bit for the crew to get their grove back, but if this season shows anything it is that Futurama has not lost its touch or the hearts of its fans.  Whereas the straight to Blu-ray films were a bit off at times, the series back on TV feels all too right.


The technical features on this set are amazingly well done.  The picture is a 1080p 1.78 X 1 AVC encoded presentation that is crisp, clean and full of color with framing inky blacks.  The picture quality is pristine and is some of the best animation I have seen on Blu-ray to date.  The picture is not quite “Pixar,” but in terms of TV animation it is stunning.  The sound is a 5.1 DTS HD Master Audio that is nearly perfect, but is missing some life and directionality at times.  The series (though embodying plenty of action) is mostly dialogue so it projects from the front, with the music surrounding the viewer.  I felt the panning effects could have been better, but this is only a minor gripe.


The extras are nicely done and include the following:


Full Length Audio Commentaries on All 13 Episodes

Well done and interesting, these commentaries show the passion the cast/crew have for Futurama.  This is especially worth listening to, as it explicitly shows the creators mentality as they embark upon resurrecting a dead series.


The Adventures of Delivery-Boy Man

          A funny original video comic book scribbled and performed by Fry


“Bend it Like Bender”

          Bender’s first and only music video


Behind the Fungus: Makin’ a Hit Song


Previously on Futurama


“The Prisoner of Bender” Table Read


Deleted Scenes

Most likely they were deleted for times sake, but these deleted scenes are hilarious and definitely worth watching.


Season 7 Preview


In the end, all I can say is BUY THIS SET! This is on top of the fact that all fans should be watching the series on TV so that we never lose this gem again.



-   Michael P. Dougherty II


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