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Category:    Home > Reviews > Animation > Fantasy > Action > Anime > TV > Beyblade: Metal Fusion Vol. 2 (Nelvana/Vivendi DVD)

Beyblade: Metal Fusion Vol. 2 (Nelvana/Vivendi DVD)


Picture: C     Sound: C     Extras: D     Main Program: B-



Gingka, a Beyblader, travels the world making friends and challenging other Bladers to become stronger.  He joins with Kenta a young and shy blader, and Madoka a Beyblader mechanic they become fast friends and make their debut into Beyblade.  They battle against a rival teams like the Face Hunters, Benkei and Kyoya, but then in a twist of fate they join forces to battle against the Dark Nebula Organization whom is seeking to unseal the forbidden Bey L-Drago, a source of unlimited negative power.


After Kyoya's defeat, the Face Hunters team becomes shattered.  Kenta befriends Benkei and Benkei joins Gingka's group.  Kyoya goes off alone, training to become stronger to defeat Gingka, he believes he needs no friends and he will crush all Beybladers who are weaker than him, but can Gingka show him the true strength of Beyblading comes not from fighting alone but from friendship?  But when Dark Nebula appears, Gingka's past is revealed.  Ryuga appears, the person responsible for the death of his Gingka's father.  Gingka is in for the battle of his life to face Ryuga and avenge his father's honor.


Another animation with a game based story, young boys and girls using their Beyblades (tops) to fight each other.  Each Beyblade is seemingly endowed with a spirit or constellation, and each with their own special moves as well.  Even thought the Beyblade's are not sentient (nor do they talk), the players sometimes treat them almost like another person.  In this particular game-based series the world at least isn't in danger, in need of saving.  The story is simple and good for kids of all ages.


Episode 1: Merci's Dangerous Trap
Gingka is tricked into a fake game show to collect his data by the computer Merci.  Kyoya goes to wolf canyon for some extreme training after his defeat with Gingka.


Episode 2: Leone's Counterattack
Kyoya is back in town and is a totally a new animal, the first thing he does is smash his former comrades. Benkei begs Gingka to help defeat Kyoya and return him to his former self.


Episode 3: Heated Battle! Gingka versus Kyoya
Gingka battle this new powered-up Kyoya to prove that Beyblading is not about winning or losing, but about friendship.


Episode 4: Chase the Wolf!
The Dark Nebula appears and challenges Gingka, but first the team must find the Dark Nebula's secret headquarters.


Episode 5: Infiltrates the Dark Nebula's Castle!
Gingka and his friends are joined with a new friend/rival, Kyoya.  Together they battle to get to the top of the Castle.


Episode 6: L-Drago Awakens
Ryuga and L-Drago awakens to battle Gingka, but Gingka is strangely fired up to battle Ryuga, it seems like they have some sort of past....


Episode 7: Memories of Ryo
After Gingka's defeat, Gingka's past with Ryuga is revealed.  Ryuga is responsible for the death of Gingka's father and Gingka has been chasing him ever since... but can Gingka now pick himself up after his loss?

The Picture and sound are a little weak and aged, but it is also stylized to be soft, yet the Dolby Digital sound is also at leas one generation down, so both are a little disappointing and there are no extras.



-  Ricky Chiang


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