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Category:    Home > Reviews > Science Fiction > Action > Thriller > Hunter Prey (2010/Maya DVD)

Hunter Prey (2010/Maya DVD)


Picture: B-†††† Sound: B-†††† Extras: B†††† Movie: B+



Innovative, slick, and well-made sci-fi movies donít come along every day, but Sandy Colloraís Hunter Prey manages to be all of these things and more.This spartan film features a limited cast all delivering solid performances.Everything from the make-up and special effects to the costuming shows that great care and time were put into the making of this film.Every piece of gear, every belt and buckle, display a verisimilitude many lesser productions lack.From the care-worn casing of a micro-communicator device to the battle-scarred armor worn by the alien soldiers, the props and action in this movie feel real.


This taut, character-driven story involves a desperate chase on a burned out desert world.The story opens with a group of warriors who have just survived the crash of their space ship, and must how hunt for the escaped prisoner it once carried.In a clever reversal, the armored warriors and their quarry are not initially what they seem.In the end only two fighters survive, the hunter and the prey, but which one is truly which?The filmís last thirty minutes feature a series of stunning reversals, as each character seemingly gains the upper hand on his foe, only to learn that he has been confounded.


Shot in an actual desert location, Hunter Prey uses its stark surroundings to its advantage, with script and locale combining to communicate a true sense of isolation for the principal characters.Special features include directorís commentary and a short feature documenting the making of the film.Producer/director Collora enjoyed amazing success with his San Diego Comicon feature Batman: Dead End, and he and his talented crew took the momentum gained from making that feature and applied it to the production of Hunter Prey.Perhaps the best complement you can pay to this film is that although it was produced on a shoestring budget, it does not look like it.Collora and crew use CGI only sparingly in the film, and the instances where they do represent its few weak spots.


Fans of modern sci-fi will find a lot to enjoy in this feature, and anyone interested in the dynamics of two clashing cultures will also appreciate the taut interactions between its principle characters. Damion Poitier and Clark Bartram deliver riveting performances in the roles of the hunter and the hunted, with each character seemingly taking turns at both!†† Hunter Prey deserves a lot more attention than it has received so far, and its smart, muscular approach to sci-fi leave viewers wanting more.



-†† Scott Pyle


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