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Captain Kidd (1945/Roan Group/Troma DVD)


Picture: C     Sound: D     Extras: D     Film: B-



Captain Kidd (1945) poses as a privateer to help 'escort' King William III's treasure ship through the pirate waters of Madagascar.  He recruits a band of cutthroats in the gallows, tempting them with the promise of a pardon... but secretly he and a few former crewmates has plans for the treasure for themselves.  Any sorts of things could happen at sea, ships, people, cargo are lost at sea all the time... and no one would be the wiser.  However one thing Captain Kidd didn't plan on was the mysterious master gunner, Mr. Adam Mercy...

Kidd (Charles Laughton) no sooner than his recent plunder seeks to rob the King's treasure and even get him to pay him for it.  Captain Kidd decides to get rid of any of his former crew in order to keep all the loot for himself.  One by one various crewmembers have accidents and are sent to Davy Jones' Locker.  Everything seem going to plan except for his new master gunner, Adam Mercy (Randolph Scott), mysterious, well mannered and clever, he has his own plans for Captain Kidd... who is he, and what is his story?

If you like old fashion black and white pirate films, get ready for some old school bloody, lying, no-good, back stabbing cutthroats.  Pirates who care for one thing, treasure.  The trick is to steal it from others (including own crewmates) without inciting a mutiny on the ship or getting killed beforehand.  Last man/pirate standing wins, literally.  Ironically to catch a pirate one, must sometime become a pirate, to know and think like them in order to out maneuver them.  The only extras include cast and crew text information.  John Carradine, Gilbert Roland and then-actor (and later mega TV producer) Sheldon Leonard also star.


-   Ricky Chiang


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