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Jonathan Creek: The Specials (BBC DVD)


Picture: B-     Sound: C     Extras: D     Specials: B



During the day, Jonathan Creek works behind the scenes helping to create illusions and feats for a magic show, but at night he solves murder mysteries that can't seem possible.  When no one else can solve it Jonathan with only his brain, his cool deductive reasoning (and the occasional lock pick) he figures out how various murders are committed.
If you like BBC programming or murder mysteries with a British accent, then Jonathan Creek will hit the spot. It is much like series like MidSomer Murders or Murder She Wrote where they present a murder, all the characters, and the clues to figure out who committed the murder.  Jonathan Creek however unlike other series, the murder cases are quite elaborate, many of the murders require trick items, hidden rooms, gimmicks, or optical illusion.  To solve the case, you need stay calm, use deductive reasoning and think outside the box.  You can see some of the older episodes of the show elsewhere on this site.  These are specials that were produced about the same time.

Black Canary:
A female illusionist is found dead in her yard, with only a clue of a limping phantom that left no footprints.  As Jonathan and Detective Gideon look for clues they dig into the past and find that no one, nothing is who they thought it was.
Satan's Chimney:
An actress is found shot dead in a room where no one could of gotten in.  Jonathan is called in to explain how murder and bullet pasted through a window without breaking the glass.
The Grinning Man:
Locked away in an old mansion, Metropolis up on the highest floor is a room known as the Nightmare Room, legend goes no person who spends then night there has ever been seen again.  Can Jonathan prove it is not work of some phantom?
The Judas Tree:
Jonathan is roped in to a murder committed over 50 years ago that was never proven, that the spirit of a woman from the past intends to repeat history.  Are there such things as vengeful ghost?



-   Ricky Chiang


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