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Category:    Home > Reviews > TV Situation Comedy > Teens > Boy Meets World: The Complete Fourth Season (1996 – 1997/Lionsgate DVD)

Boy Meets World: The Complete Fourth Season (1996 – 1997/Lionsgate DVD)

Picture: C     Sound: C     Extras: D     Episodes: B-



Welcome to the Fourth Season of Boy Meets World.  It's the fourth year in high school, as Cory, Shawn, and Topanga get ready for SATs, college and more in a season of laughter, challenges and changes, as they look forward to spending their final year together, but when Topanga finds out she is moving Pittsburgh, could this spell the end of Cory and Topanga's relationship?  Friendships and relationship are tested as the boys become young men.  It's their last huzzah in John Adams High School and will they be ready to move on to the next level?


This is a comical drama of friendship, love, and growing up of middle-class Philadelphia suburbanites.  The show's main character Cory is surrounded by his best friend Shawn, and life long girlfriend Topanga, along with their families, friends and beloved teachers they stumble through awkward (and hilarious) young life, learning what it means to grow up and to finally become a man.  While comical and funny, this series also features many moral and social issues from which the modern teens deal with, from having strong family values, healthy relationships, to becoming a responsible adult.  This is a heartwarming series with a splash of comedy that is good for all families.



Episode 1: You Can Go Home Again
Eric and Cory return from their roadtrip, but then Cory finds out Eric doesn't want to go home.


Episode 2: Hair Today, Goon Tomorrow
Topanga tries to prove to Cory looks don't matter and cuts her hair, but then traumatized by her own actions. Now she no longer looks 'perfect', can Cory to prove her otherwise?


Episode 3: I Ain't Gonna Spray Lettuce No More
Cory's dad Allen decides to quit his job and find what he really wants to do with his life, the family worries about their future financial situation.


Episode 4: Fishing for Virna
Shawn's mother comes home and he and his father have to decide if they want her back, as Cory and Topanga learn to cherish the relationship they do have after someone they know passes away.


Episode 5: Shallow Boy
Eric's new ex-girlfriend puts him in the (unwanted) limelight after her new hit songs are about him dumping her.


Episode 6: Janitor Dad
Shawn's dad gets job as a janitor at Cory and Shawn's high school, to much of Shawn's dismay.


Episode 7: Singled Out
Eric lies about having college credentials to get on a dating show to date college girls.


Episode 8: Dangerous Secret
Shawn and Cory secretly helps out a friend when they discover her father is an abusive parent.


Episode 9: Sixteen Candles & 400 lb. Men
Cory finds he must be in two places at once, Topanga's sweet sixteen birthday and helping Frankie getting closer to his wrestler dad.


Episode 10: Turkey Day
Cory and Shawn's family decide to have Thanksgiving together, but can their parents get over their class differences?


Episode 11: An Affair to Forget
Shawn's new girlfriend doesn't want him to hang out with Cory anymore, and Shawn will have to choose... her or Cory?


Episode 12: Easy Street
Cory and Shawn get jobs, but is the money really worth it when they find out they are working for the mob?


Episode 13: B & B's B B NB
Shawn learns a bit of running business finances and runs a bed and breakfast at Feeny's house while he is out of town.


Episode 14: Wheels
Cory gets his driver's license and get into trouble not only with his dad but with the law as well.


Episode 15: Chick Like Me
Cory and Shawn in attempt to understand and write an article about the opposite gender, get dressed up in drag to understand how girls feel.


Episode 16: Long Walk to Pittsburgh Pt 1
Cory finds out Topanga’s mom got a new job in Pittsburgh and she is moving.


Episode 17: Long Walk to Pittsburgh Pt 2
Topanga runs away from home and back to Cory, but can they remain together despite the wishes of their parents?


Episode 18: Uncle Daddy
Eric's newest girlfriend has a 6 year old child, but is Eric father material?


Episode 19: Quiz Show
By sheer luck of chance Cory and Shawn end up on a high school quiz show (to much of Feeny's embarrassment), but when ratings matter more, is education really that important?


Episode 20: Security Guy
Eric gets fired by his father and decides to work as night security, but decides to try for college again after realizing his life can amount to more.


Episode 21: Cult Fiction
Shawn joins up in a cult, but when Mr. Turner gets into an accident will it be enough to get him out?


Episode 22: Learning to Fly
Cory, Shawn, and Eric go off college visiting to decide which college is best for them.


There are no extras and the picture and sound are not great and do not seem to be as good as the previous three sets, which you can read more about at this link:





-   Ricky Chiang


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