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Category:    Home > Reviews > Serial > Science Fiction > Adventure > Space Opera > Western > Classic 1940ís Action Box-set (serials/G-Men vs. The Black Dragon/King Of The Rocket Men/Jesse James Rides Again/Cheezy Flicks/MVD DVD)

Classic 1940ís Action Box-set (serials/G-Men vs. The Black Dragon/King Of The Rocket Men/Jesse James Rides Again/Cheezy Flicks/MVD DVD)


Picture: C- ††††Sound: C-†††† Extras: D†††† Serials: C+



Cheezy Flicks proudly presents a blast from the past with these 3 black and white series, G-Men vs. The Black Dragon, King of the Rocket Men, and Jesse James Rides Again. Stories of allied agents in their struggles against notorious axis agent in the American homeland, scientist and how their inventions could be used for good or evil (and mass destruction), and an American legend who was considered *by some* to be western Robin Hood. Its action and adventures from the Ď40s, from what was considered to be drama, sci-fi, and the Wild West, shows that our parents or even grandparents grew up on.
You gotta love old black and white films, back when there were no computer special effects and people had to do their own stunts. This is old school genre moviemaking for boys, the story was interesting and there was always someone fighting (and for some reason always ended on a cliffhanger). They say film is a reflection of our cultures, values and ideas of the times, you could see in some of them in the films Americans fear of Japanese agents/spies, scientists and nuclear powers, and the spirit of the American cowboy. These were also played often on television.
G-Men vs. The Black Dragon

Agent Rex works along with Vivian and Chang, British and Chinese agents. He learns of the leader of Black Dragon is arriving in the USA, his goal is to disrupt, destroy and to cause terror to American economy to slow or stop military operations overseas. The 3 allied agents must find and stop this Japanese madman.
Episode 1: The Yellow Peril
The head of the Black Dragon arrives in the USA, with a special paint he sets fire to the ships at sea, can Rex figure out the secret of the paint before the entire navy is sunk?
Episode 2: Japanese Inquisition
Special agent Chang gets caught with Vivian who is being tortured.
Episode 3: Arsenal of Doom
The G-men finds a secret arsenal at the shipyard, but even more alarming is when they find a German submarine parked off shore.
Episode 4: Deadly Sorcery
Professor Nicholson becomes the target of the Black Dragon after copying their machines blueprints.
Episode 5: Celestial Murder
One of the Black Dragon agents get caught, but now they face a greater danger ...his attorney.
Episode 6: Death & Destruction
The Black Dragon plans to destroy the power stations by causing an overload.
Episode 7: The Iron Monster
Vivian tries to infiltrate the Black Dragon but then gets caught. Rex follows in the shadows.
Episode 8: Beast of Tokyo
Vivian finds herself trapped, it is up to Rex to save her.
Episode 9: Watery Grave
Japanese submarines are attacking American ships, somehow the Black Dragon is sending information to the submarine about the ships.
Episode 10: The Dragon Strikes
The Black Dragon leaves a false trail for Rex to follow.
Episode 11: Suicide Mission
The Black Dragon targets the new experimental remote control airplane.
Episode 12: Dead on Arrival
The Black Dragon steals the new top secret weapon from the President.
Episode 13: Condemned Cargo
Rex manages to steal back the plans but the Black Dragon is hot on his trail.
Episode 14: Flaming Coffin
Rex lays a trap for the Black Dragon, but something goes wrong.
Episode 15: Democracy in Action
itís the final showdown between the G-men and the Black Dragon.

King of the Rocket Men

Scientists one-by-one is ending up dead or died under mysterious causes, their research is then being stolen and then sold off to the highest bidder by the mysterious Dr. Vulcan. It is up to Jeff King to protect the remaining scientist. With an experimental rocket suit Jeff becomes Rocket Man and goes flying into the sky to stop the minions of Dr. Vulcan. Jeff must uncover the traitor scientist is among the Scientist Association.
Episode 1: Dr. Vulcan Traitor
Someone is killing the top scientists, Jeff King becomes the Rocket Man for the first time.
Episode 2: Plunging to Death
Jeff stopped the rocket from hitting the city, but his picture was caught on film.
Episode 3: Dangerous Evidence
The hitmen seeks to enlarge the film to discover who Rocket Man is, Jeff must stop them.
Episode 4: High Peril
Jeff manages to destroy the film, but Conway ends up getting framed.
Episode 5: Fatal Dive
Jeff leaks some fake into to trap Dr. Vulcan's men, but then a nosey reporter spoils the trap.
Episode 6: Mystery of Rocket Man
Dr. Vulcan suspects Jeff King being Rocket Man, Professor Millard comes to his rescue.
Episode 7: Molten Menace
Dr. Millard finishes a new invention, the Decimator. But then the mountain starts melting.
Episode 8: Suicide Flight
In order to save his friends, Jeff flies right into enemy gunfire.
Episode 9: Ten Seconds to Live
The Decimator has been stolen and Rocket Man goes after it, but then finds himself in a truck with a bomb and 10 seconds until it blows.
Episode 10: The Deadly Fog
Jeff recalls all the events that lead up to everything and begins to understand Dr. Vulcan's plans.
Episode 11: Secrets of Dr. Vulcan
The identity of Dr. Vulcan is revealed, but he has a surprise for Rocket Man.
Episode 12: Wave of Disaster
Dr. Vulcan ransoms New York and it is up to Rocket Man to stop him.

Jesse James Rides Again

Jesse James is on the run from the law for a crime he didn't commit, after changing his name he rides into a town and discovers Black Riders terrorizing its citizens. Secretly the Black Raiders are trying to drive the farmers off their land to get the oil hidden beneath them. It's up to Jesse James and his friend Steve to save the townsfolk and discover who is behind the Black Raiders.
Episode 1: Black Raiders
Jesse James is framed for a crime he didn't commit and is on the run. He and Steve run into some Black Raiders hurting the farmers.
Episode 2: Signal For Action
Steve infiltrates the Black Raiders as a spy.
Episode 3: The Stacked Deck
The Raiders move after their plans get foiled, Steve leaves a coded message for Jesse.
Episode 4: Concealed Evidence
Jesse gets his hand on one of the Black Raider's saddle bags, little he knows it has a secret map in it.
Episode 5: The Corpse of Jesse James
Jesse plays possum to find out more about the Black Raiders.
Episode 6: The Traitor
One of the farmers, Hawks is a turncoat and is spying on Jessie for the Black Raiders.
Episode 7: Talk or Die
Anne is kidnapped and tried to made talk to where Jessie hid Hawkes.
Episode 8: Boomerang
Jesse becomes a deputy and goes after the leader of the Black Raiders, Lawton.
Episode 9: The Captured Raider
Lawton is caught but then one of his men springs him free.
Episode 10: The Revealing Torch
Jesse finally finds out why the Black Raiders want the land and find the oil underneath the land.
Episode 11: The Spy
There is another spy in the farmers midst, and he blows up the oil rig for the farmers.
Episode 12: Black Gold
The farmers struck oil, but now they must deliver in time or their land is forfeit.
Episode 13: Deadline at Midnight
Jesse delivers the oil and has the money, but Lawton and his men try and stop him from making it back in time.



They are also sold separately, all offer dated 1.33 X 1 black and white images and Dolby Digital 2.0 Mono.At least they price it cheaply.



-†† Ricky Chiang


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