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Category:    Home > Reviews > TV Situation Comedy > Mad About You: The Complete Fifth Season (1996 – 1997/Shout Factory DVD Set)

Mad About You: The Complete Fifth Season (1996 – 1997/Shout Factory DVD Set)

Picture: B-     Sound: C     Extras: D     Episodes: B+

Paul (Paul Reiser) and Jamie (Helen Hunt) marriage is anything but smooth, and that's just trying to get along with each other. Along with their various friends, family they continue with their modern fast-paced lives in The Big Apple. As their fifth year of marriage begins they are finally having a baby!  This year will change everything...
In Season 5 of Mad About You, Jamie continues her job with PR with political campaigning and as Paul tries shoot an independent film about his family, but that is nothing when compared to the fact Paul and Jamie are now expecting to become parents.  How will they break the news to their friends and family and much less the peace at the same time?  With their first baby on the way will they be ready or not?  The Buchman family is about to get not only a little bigger but a little crazier this year!
This comical TV series made in the ‘90s of a modern couple’s life in New York City is funny, covering their quarreling marriage, the friends who butt in and crazy families that come with them, and coming together again.  The series makes fun not only modern life, but stereotypes of marriage and various family members (specially the crazy mothers), in all a funny and heart warming series.  Watching this series you are surprised by the sheer number of guest stars that made their way to make an appearance this series, include supers-stars like Mel Brooks, Carol Burnett, Kevin Bacon, Bruce Willis and many more...
Dr. Wonderful
Now that Jamie is pregnant, Paul and Jamie looks for the best OBGYN, Ira tries to help and asks all the ladies for the name of their gynecologist.
The Grant
Jamie tries to give up coffee for her pregnancy; meanwhile Paul gets an inspiration from his Uncle to make a film about the Buchman family.
Paul and Jamie remember to go to long forgotten therapy, but the therapy seems to make them see all their problems instead of working them out.
Clip Show
Paul and Jamie remembers the past years together, all the whos, how, what, what the... and ~wows.
Burt's Building
Paul and his father visits the old neighborhood and looses their way and looses his father.
Jamie's Parents
After 37 years of marriage Jamie's parents are on the verge of splitting up, Jamie considers telling them about the baby to bring them back together.
Paul and Jamie plans to tell everyone about the pregnancy during Thanksgiving, but a slip up may cause everyone to find sooner than they think.
Every Good Boy Deserves Fudge
Needing a break and time for intimacy, Jamie and Paul goes on a trip to the country side and they find fudge with aphrodisiac properties.
The Gym
Paul is upset when Jamie gives a free pass to the gym to a homeless, to where he is know as a 'man of mystery'.
Chicken Man
Jamie must learn to slow down her fast pace work life now that she is pregnant.
The Recital
When Jamie confronts Fran about her son's awful violin playing Fran gets upset.  Paul gets upset when he finds out their therapy is costing them more than others.
The Handyman
Lisa falls in love with Paul and Jamie's handyman, but when her other fiancé invests heavily in Paul film it causes some legal trouble Paul's film.
The Penis
Paul and Jamie promises a dying uncle to name their child after him, but only if it was a boy.  Paul wonders if he should tell Jamie he already knows the baby's gender.
Citizen Buchman
The last words of Paul's uncle bring more than just a few skeletons out of the closet from the Buchman family.
Her Houseboy, Coco
Jamie is told to stay in bed for the next few days; Paul must become ultimate nurse-maid.
Jamie's astrology reading says she is an absolute liar, but she then finds out her mother hid something about her birth ...uh-oh.
On The Road
Paul needs a 'guy's night out' to get away from all the baby fuss, but what does it take to be a 'manly man'?
The Cockatoo
A Cockatoo flies into the apartment and Jamie begins to see a remarkable parallel to Julius Caesar and her campaign.
The Touching Game
Jamie tries to help out in a coffee shop, and Paul efforts to help a stranger causes great misunderstandings.
Dry Run
Paul and Jamie practice getting to the hospital and Jamie is confronted with stealing Sylvia's silver spoon from their first diner.
Paul and Jamie look for a guardian for their child.
The Feud
Paul and Jamie's mothers fight over whose baby crib is better.
The Birth (Part I & II)
After series of false alarms the baby is finally coming, Paul tries to get to the hospital but ends up running into Bruce Willis.



The 1.33 X 1 picture is good, but the Dolby Digital 2.0 Stereo sound can be a little limited and there are no extras.  These sets are on par with the previous sets we did cover, which you can read more about at these links:


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-   Ricky Chiang


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