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Category:    Home > Reviews > TV Situation Comedy > Politics > Religion > Social Issues > Drama > Crime > Prison > Mexico > Brazil > Cable > All In The Family – The Complete Ninth Season (Final Original Season/Shout! Factory DVD) + Capadocia: A Place Without Forgiveness – Season One (2007) + Hijos Del Carnival (aka Filhos do Carnival) – Se

All In The Family – The Complete Ninth Season (Final Original Season/Shout! Factory DVD) + Capadocia: A Place Without Forgiveness – Season One (2007) + Hijos Del Carnival (aka Filhos do Carnival) – Seasons One & Two (2006 – 2009/HBO/Maya DVD Sets) + Melrose Place – Sixth Season, Volume One (1997/CBS DVD) + The Red Green Show – Midlife Crisis (Seasons 10 – 12/2000 – 2002/Acorn Media DVD Set)


Picture: C+/C+/C/C/C     Sound: C+     Extras: C+/C+/D/D/C-     Episodes: B/B-/C+/C-/C



And now for a look at some familiar shows we have seen before and two Spanish language series that are not bad and better than many U.S. productions of late.


First we start with the end of the original run of the Norman Lear classic All In The Family – The Complete Ninth (Final) Season which really was the end of the original show, though it continued as Archie Bunker’s Place, but more on that in a minute.  For those unfamiliar with the show, here are links to previous seasons covered:












Though most shows might have run out of steam by this point if they survived, but Family ended in its original form on top.  Besides a terrific 200th Episode celebratory show, we see the decline of the Mike & Gloria marriage, the debut of Daniel Brisebois as Stephanie, a funny show about a counterfeit $10 bill and there is the usual melodrama, but the show also started feeling less live and that was a problem no amount of good writing could fix.  Whether you consider this the last season ever or are a fan who thinks of the first Archie Bunker’s Place season as the 10th of this show, they quit while they were ahead.  Oddly, Sony had already issued the First Season of Archie Bunker’s Place a while ago on DVD, so it is already available, making it ten non-stop seasons of Bunker.  There are no extras.



Now for the new Spanish language shows, made with HBO.  BO.

Capadocia: A Place Without Forgiveness – Season One (2007) has a great cast led by Ana De La Reguera (who you may have seen as the only good thing in the Jack Black dud Nacho Libre) as an officer involved in her own life troubles and those of an experimental Mexico City prison for women.  Though not Oz or always a hardcore look at crime, it is a well, acted, well written series that avoids clichés, shows us places we have not been to before and could easily find a U.S. audience, even if one had to read subtitles.  This is so good, you don’t mind.  You get 13 70+ minutes episodes over 5 DVDs plus a bonus 6th DVD of extras including a brief clip of the beginning of the next season, trailers for both seasons, filmographies with moving text of each actor, a 7-part making of featurette (runs about 25 minutes) and a stills section.  Our copy also came with five trading cards.


Taking place in Rio de Janeiro, Hijos Del Carnival (aka Filhos do Carnival and not a remake of HBO’s Carnivale) – Seasons One & Two (2006 – 2009) is a more basic series about the dark side of the great country of Brazil, involving gambling, crime, sex, drugs and murder.  Some of this we have seen before and the show is consistently low key, but it also still has some good moments and those who like Gangster/Crime drama will enjoy this enough for having a different sense and set of elements about it that separate it from the likes of Outrageous Fortune from New Zealand and The Sopranos from the U.S. (both reviewed elsewhere on this site) with a grittier approach like Treme or maybe The Wire.  All 21 under-an-hour episodes from both seasons are here over 4 DVDs and there are no extras, but it is a show worth your time if this is your kind of fiction.


Melrose Place – Sixth Season, Volume One is the latest release of episodes from the original series, but CBS is now releasing half-season sets.  The only other set we ever covered was when I bashed Season Three at this link:




Needless to say the series did not get the show became more tired, silly and phony at this point, but at least Aaron Spelling made that phoniness distinct and that is why all the revivals of his shows bombed.  You get 13 hour-long shows over three DVDs, but only fans will care, the picture and sound are as problematic as the older set and the same.  There are once again no extras, but each show is summarized inside the paper sleeve in the clear plastic case.  However, if you (do you really have to?) have to see this show, you might as well start with the first set.  Otherwise it will just come across as worse, which tells you what trash TV this is.  Heather Locklear, Alyssa Milano, Jack Wagner, Rob Estes and Doug Savant head the cast.


Finally we have the latest volume of The Red Green Show – Midlife Crisis (2000 – 2002) which consists of three triple DVDs of each of the later seasons in single cases that have actually been issued separately.  Those interested in the hit Canadian show can see more in our coverage of the following previous DVD releases:


Stuffed & Mounted Six Pack Box Set/Hindsight Is 20/20 compilation DVD



Infantile Years: 1991 - 1993



1997 Set



1998 Set



1999 Set




I always found the series odd and at least understood some of its appeal, but it lost some of its soul and unique feel by this point, so I do not consider these later shows to be as good as the original productions.  Once again and for different reasons, I recommend the earlier shows to start with or you’ll likely not enjoy this as much.  Extras include text profiles, Production Notes by star/creator Steven Smith and introductions by Smith.


All the shows are here in 1.33 X 1 framing except for the anamorphically enhanced 1.78 X 1 image on Capadocia and letterboxed 1.78 X 1 image on Carnival.  Family looks a little better than pervious sets, but still has some aliasing errors and softness form its professional NTSC tapings, Capadocia looks the best and was shot in the Super 16mm film format, Carnival was shot in HD and it has haloing, softness and motion blur throughout, Melrose was a 35mm production and should look better than Capadocia but was edited and completed on analog NTSC video with its own aliasing errors and detail issues throughout.  Green is also an NTSC analog tape -produced show and softer than Family with aliasing issues and other picture flaws.


All have Dolby Digital 2.0 sound, with all the shows in Stereo save Family in 2.0 Mono and Capadocia with a Portugese 5.1 mix and slight edge over the others, but has its dialogue too much in the center channel.  At least none of them have major audio problems.



-   Nicholas Sheffo


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