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Category:    Home > Reviews > Reality TV > Stunts > Superhero > Stan Lee's Superhumans: Season One (2010/A&E/History Channel DVD Set)

Stan Lee's Superhumans: Season One (2010/A&E/History Channel DVD Set)
Picture: B-     Sound: C     Extras: D     Episodes: B+



Superhumans can't exist... can they?  Like comic superheroes are there humans who are born with genetic mutations, superpowers that makes them different from the rest of the world?  Stan Lee and Daniel Browning Smith scours all over the world for these extra-ordinary people, their powers, how they use them and then explain how is it possible for them do these acts of superhuman abilities.
There are all sorts of extra ordinary humans around the world, people who are able to do things that would normally be impossible for the normal man.  These people are Stan Lee's Superhumans, because of some mutation their bodies allow them to perform extra-ordinary feats of strength, agility, survive harsh environmental conditions, allow them to conquer or escape impossible odds.  Are they the only ones in the world, or are they what humans will be one day?  Is it evolution, mutation or can it be learned with enough training, focus and concentration? Only you can decide.
First of all, don't try these at home *seriously*.  Are there superhumans?  While you don't see superhumans in costumes or tights running around fighting crimes (or committing them) there are people who have abilities that make them super.  These people are not like the superheroes, it is the other way around ...the superheroes are like them, people who abilities/traits that you would only think to find in animals, science fiction, or comics.  Stan Lee (creator of X-Men, Spider-Man, and The Hulk among the characters that built Marvel Comics into the powerhouse it is today) and Daniel Browning Smith (World's most flexible man) as they find these unique individuals and show their abilities to the world, they gather teams of scientists, doctors, physicists to both test and scientifically explain how they accomplish their feats and how are they truly superhuman.  Extras include shorts of the more spectacular feats that you thought you could only see or find in comics or movies.
Electro Man- Meet a man who is able to conduct electric through him, enough to power a hot plate!
Killer Punch- A Shaolin monk who has Bruce Lee's legendary one inch punch.
Hammer Head - The man with the hardest head in the world.
Human Speed Bump - Watch him as he survives a truck run over him.
The Human Calculator - Meet a man who can do math faster than a calculator or a computer.
The Crash Test Dummy - Meet a man who survived over car 900 crashes.
The Human Orchestra - This man is a one man orchestra.
The Man Who Feels No Pain - Can a man feel force himself to feel no pain?
The Ultimate Climber - Meet a man who can climb like the monkeys.
Human Wolf - Can a man talk with wolves?
The Human Bee Hive - Can a man's pheromones tame hundred of thousands of bees?
Rubber Band Man - Meet the man with the world most stretchiest skin.
Super Memory - What are the limits of human memory? Meet the man with the world’s best memory.
Jaw Breaker - This man can eat anything, scientist take a look into this man's stomach.
and many more...



-   Ricky Chiang


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