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Category:    Home > Reviews > Special Interest > Speculation > Oceans > Environment > Geography > Underwater Universe: Season One (History Channel/A&E DVD Set)

Underwater Universe: Season One (History Channel/A&E DVD Set)


Picture: B-     Sound: B-     Extras: D     Episodes: B+



The ocean covers 3/4 of our planet, and yet we have barely explored only 3% of the sea.  What lurks beneath the ocean?  A whole new world of dangers, life forms, history lies beneath the waters: Underwater predators, pressures, currents, tides, and waves that have claimed the lives of sailors, explorers, and traders through the centuries.  Theses elemental forces are more powerful than any man-made object and how they affect this planet, and have changed the course of life on this Earth.  The History Channel takes you on an amazing journey, through the eyes of scientists, explorers, CGI and personal accounts of these forces of nature in Season One of Underwater Universe.


Get ready to head into a universe that maybe be far stranger, far more alien, far more dangerous than space.  The ocean it has been said to be the source which all life has crawled out of, the primordial soup.  Watch how scientists explain how tides, currents and waves effect our climate and global weather.  See underwater mountains, valleys and canyons greater than the Grand Canyon, underwater volcanoes, and even stranger life forms which exist there.  Through the centuries these forces have been hidden beneath the water, with awesome powers of destruction to take and destroy life ...and yet without them life could not exist.


If you are a history or nature lover, or just someone who likes to know a bit more about the world then you will enjoy series.  This series does a wonderful job explaining the ocean, how it affects us and its importance.  Through history man has always challenged the frontier and the unknown, and now it turns toward the sea.  By increasing our knowledge of the sea, we come to understand how both land and storms form, and how the oceans ties into formation of life and oxygen on this planet.  To respect its powers, because if we don't... we might not survive.  Extras include special interviews and unique locations around the world.



-   Ricky Chiang


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