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Category:    Home > Reviews > Special Interest > Speculation > Extra Terrestrials > Ancient Aliens: Season Two (History Channel/A&E DVD Set)

Ancient Aliens: Season Two (History Channel/A&E DVD Set)

Picture: B-     Sound: B-     Extras: D     Episodes: B+



Did aliens come to visit us long ago?  Mysterious places, ancient stories of celestial beings, unexplained phenomenon and structures, were they clues left behind of their existence?  The History Channel explores some of these places, possibilities, speculations and theories.  Sightings, locations all around the world, evidences that we were visited long ago.  Did they influence history, change the course of mankind?  What if the Gods of legends were not gods, but really aliens with superior technologies?  ...And what if it was true?  Did they leave hidden messages behind?  Were they preparing man or the way for themselves?  And if so, when will they come again?

Maybe ancient legends of Gods were really visitations from extra-terrestrial; various locations around the world with mysterious energies, and places that would have been impossible for humans of that time to build.  The sudden leaps in technologies in human history, were they really alien technology?  Did ancient aliens teach humans how to build super-structures while they were cavemen?  Did Germans have alien technologies in WWII?  Various people from our past genius, savants, and prodigies in the true sense 'gifted', influenced not by god but an alien power... and if this is all true, the what does it mean?  This series challenge the viewer and asks how some of these things were possible, and the probability of possibility that mankind has been already been visited long ago, and we are not alone.
If you like aliens, mysterious locations around the world that science has still been unable to explain, then look no further.  This show does a wonderful job with various authors, journalists, firsthand accounts to explain how various ancient structures; history was really the work of aliens.  With CGI, documented pictures, theorist, to show that mankind couldn't possibly advance this far without some extra-terrestrial help.  That maybe what was 'miracles', 'angels', 'acts of god', 'gods' themselves was really just science yet to be explained, and that ancient humans misunderstood them.  That now we are in an age of science we must be open to the possibility we might have been helped if not influenced at the least.



-   Ricky Chiang


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