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Teen Wolf (1985/MGM Blu-ray)

Picture: C+†††† Sound: C+†††† Extras: D†††† Film: B-



Usually when teens start growing hair in all new places we see that as part of growing up, but for Michael J. Fox in the 80ís it meant something very different.The Back to the Future star plays Scott Howard, a teen who quickly discovers puberty is not what he expected.As the story goes, Scottís family has a genetic predisposition that doesnít rear its furry, pointy eared head until puberty.Apparently the Howards have a deep, long lineage of werewolves in their family; a secret that his parents never bothered to share with poor Scott.


The film is a light hearted look into the trials and tribulations of being a teen, with a Horror/Sci-Fi twist.Riding on the coattails of the popularity that Fox gained from Back to the Future, Teen Wolf quickly capitalized on Foxís stardom.Though not as well made or memorable as BTTF it does have its charm and Fox fits the role perfectly; somehow managing to make a relatable, humorous situation out of something quite bizarre and foreign.


What most people remember from the film is the basketball playing werewolf, as it was both exciting and concurrently ridiculous. Foxís endearing attitude coupled with an entertaining comedy made the film a modest success, but forever in the hearts of the children of the 80ís.


On a similar note of ridiculousness, some genius at MTV thought it would be a great idea to turn Teen Wolf into a new series; one problem, they stripped away all the fun and comedy and replaced it with Twilight-esc teen angst and melodrama.I canít wait for all this werewolf, vampire drama to endÖit is really sucking the life out of me.


The Blu-ray technical features are far from good, which is probably half due to bad source material and half due to lack of care with the transfer.The picture is a 1.85 X 1 1080p Widescreen that is grainy, demonstrates flat colors, poor textures, and an overall soft quality.The sound is just as subpar with a simple DTS-HD Master Audio doing little to bring the fast paced film to life, dialogue is mostly clear but when you have moments where lips donít even line up with words you know you are in trouble.


The extras are essentially none as the disc offers viewers a chance to watch the filmís trailer and a sneak peak at the new MTV series, neither of which are at all entertaining.


Perhaps it will take a full moon, but something around here has got to change.



-†† Michael P. Dougherty II


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