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Category:    Home > Reviews > Thriller > Mystery > Drama > Killer > Sex > Surrealism > Game > Black Heaven (2010/IFC Midnight/MPI DVD)

Black Heaven (2010/IFC Midnight/MPI DVD)


Picture: B-     Sound: B-     Extras: C-     Feature: B+



Two teenage lovers Gaspard and Marion find a cell phone, and decide to find out who it belongs to... a mysterious, beautiful femme fatale blonde, Audrey, but after stalking her they find she is connected to a suicide ceremony and mysterious on-line world called 'Black Hole', a virtual world of mystery, intrigue and with promise of sensuality. Gaspard finds he cannot resist her, in reality or virtual reality... he starts a dangerous relationship with her avatar 'Sam', he discovers her fantasy is to commit lover's suicides and enter the 'black lagoon', a virtual paradise...  But is does it mean reality will imitate virtual?  Who’s fantasy will come true first ...his or hers, in Black Heaven?
Can virtual be better than reality?  Gaspard is tempted into Audrey's on-line world, the 'Black Hole'.  Even thought he already has a beautiful girlfriend Marion, he find a new kind of pleasure in Black Hole, intrigued and determined he tracks down 'Sam' in the exclusive virtual club 'Heaven', but who is 'Sam' really, the sensual and sexy Audrey?  He tries to convince her in on-line world should meet in real life and act out their fantasies (minus the suicide part).  A dangerous game of cat and mouse begins, but who is the cat and who is the mouse?  As he delves deeper he discovers a darker truth behind her.
This is film for those who like the idea of a virtual world, a second life, on-line world with a twist. What guy wouldn't like to meet a sexy virtual girl on-line, have a relationship with her and then meet her in reality?  How easily a person is lured into an online world, where perfection is only a keystroke away.  The main character Gaspard is hooked into a 'Tron-like' world when he discovers the possibility of a beautiful lonely girl on the other end, he plays the 'game' to get his desires, but what is 'her' desire and true motive?  The only way to find out is to play with her.  Trailers are the only extra.



-   Ricky Chiang


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