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Category:    Home > Reviews > Reality TV > Nature > Animals > Swamp People - Season One (History Channel/A&E DVD Set)

Swamp People - Season One (History Channel/A&E DVD Set)


Picture: C Sound: C Extras: C Episodes: C+



Welcome to the heart of the Louisiana Bayou, America's largest swamp with over a million square miles of swamps and wetlands. Here in the swamp lives the Swamp People better known as the Cajuns. French refugees migrated from Canada long ago, these hardy people have lived on and off these lands, but their core of life is around alligators hunting. See how they not only survive all the swamp's danger and it's creatures, they teach and pass on skills and tricks of the trade from generation to generation. In a rapidly modernizing world these folks hold on to the old traditions and wouldn't have it any other way. Here is Season One, now on DVD from A&E.
Get ready to see a world of canals, lush green life and danger just beneath it waters, see how man battles one of the oldest and dangerous species, the alligator. See as this History Channel reality TV show follows several different hunters during the 30 day alligator hunting season, how in 30 days these hunters make all the money they need for a year. As they battle these gigantic lizards that could easily rip life and limb from them, they also fight to overcome nature, weather and time. Family, father-son duos, no gator is too small, no challenge is too dangerous, as they struggle to be bring in the biggest gator of the season.
Here we seem to follow what has to be some of the best alligator hunters in the world, how they hunt gators with a simple line and hook, and a gun. From regular size alligators to monsters sized one. The hunters share their various techniques, hunting grounds, knowledge and tales that separate the amateurs from the experts. They show what the signs are to look for, and what the mistakes not to make and how a two-man crew works. Watching this series you see how these proud people live by what only the land provides and by their wits, it makes you wonder if you can do the same. Extras include additional footage.



- Ricky Chiang


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