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BraveStarr – The Complete Series (Mill Creek DVD)


Picture: C+     Sound: C+     Extras: C     Episodes: C



Having been released a number of times now, in different iterations, BraveStarr is very well known to not only 1980’s animation fans, but our faithful readers as well. Originally released by BCI Eclipse, BraveStarr was scooped up by Shout Factory after BCI went under; along with many other great animated properties.


Shout Factory Delivers a new beautiful 7-Disc Complete Series set that holds all the great content of the previous volumized releases, but all now in one place to enjoy.


The planet of New Texas has a Marshall and his name is BraveStarr.  New Texas is a rough place with outlaws galore and BraveStarr will stop at nothing to bring them to justice.  This was one of the last series for Filmation and they didn’t hold anything back.  Crisp, clean animation is the first thing to grab the viewers’ attention along with new creative characters.  Tex Hex is the main outlaw and with his band of technologically advanced criminals he plans to rule New Texas.  Too bad for them BraveStarr is on duty and with his strength of the bear, speed of the puma, and eyes of a hawk the outlaws are no match


An interesting series that spawned a series of somewhat popular toys and is one of those series people may not remember until reminded all these years later.


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BraveStarr: The Complete Series, features a picture that once again is presented in a less than stellar 1.33 X 1 Full Screen that continues to have color issues, some debris, and a degree fragmenting throughout.  The animation, however, is nice and crisp, though it still has that generic feel that most Filmation cartoons did.  The sound continues to be equally unimpressive in its Dolby Digital 2.0 Stereo that mostly all comes from the front and has a certain distant quality; even muffled dialogue at times.


Thankfully Shout Factory has been gracious enough to include two very nice extras:


Feature Length Audio Commentary track for the episode “Eye of the Beholder” with writer Tom Tataranowicz and Director Tom Sito.  The commentary is hosted by the wonderful Andy Mangles and gives viewers insight into the series they may have not know previously.  You also get Spotlight Interviews with Producer and Filmation Creator Lou Scheimer, Voice Actor Par Fraley, and Directors Tom Taranowicz and Tom Sito.


A great series that though a bit aged, has stood the test of time and remains for new generations to enjoy.



-   Michael P. Dougherty II


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