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Category:    Home > Reviews > Reality TV > Dog The Bounty Hunter – This Family Means Business (A&E DVD Set)

Dog The Bounty Hunter – This Family Means Business (A&E DVD Set)
Picture: C     Sound: D     Extras: D     Episodes: C+

Criminals, law-breakers, and bail jumpers beware; Duane 'Dog' the Bounty Hunter is here.  Along with his wife, friends and family from Hawaii to Colorado they'll track, chase down and catch those who are on the run from the law or have jumped bail.  From the moment the file hits their desks to them escorting their catch to prison. They'll hunt down their targets and they will bring them in kicking, screaming, or fighting whether they want to or not.

Welcome to Dog The Bounty Hunter - This Family Means Business featuring The Chapman family, an entire family of bounty hunters who stick together by sticking it to those they are sent to catch.  If I had to say three words to describe this show it would be bail-bondsman, bad-ass, bounty hunters.  It is impressive to see how this family lives such a high stakes job/life and still to pull together afterwards as a family unit.  As they follow the trails of witnesses, leads and information they explain how the criminal psychic works not only to the viewers but criminals themselves when they catch them.  Their aim isn't solely on just getting those bounties, but setting these fallen people (hopefully) on the right path again.
This was an interesting series to say the least, it is like the series Cops, but with instead with a family bounty hunting group that brings their own style of justice.  Without any help from cops, police, state troopers, or marshals the Chapmans are on their own (minus the camera crew), their only back up is each other, as per their job as an independent entity.  It is amazing to see how this grandfather/grandmother do all the things they do and still find time to spend with their family and grandkids afterwards (make me wonder why couldn't my grandparents be like that?).  Extras includes a retrospective special of Dog the Bounty Hunter's 200th episode.
Girl Power - The boys are sick and sitting out for this one, it time to show what a female bounty hunter can do.
Prodigal Son - Dog hunts for a man who not only broke his bond, but stole his father and mothers social security check as well.
Family Ties - The Chapmans hunt for man with multiple assaults, but then finds there is a medical complication...
Surface Scratches - This one criminal jump from bondsman to bondsman, Dog must get to him before he finds another bondsman to set him free.
The Great Debate - Dog's son friend is on the run, Leland must make a choice... who is more important friend or family?
Facebooked - The Chapmans follow a trail left on Facebook to catch this criminal.



Picture and sound are the same as the previous DVD releases, including imports, but I was particularly unimpressed by the Dolby Digital 2.0 Stereo.  Otherwise, it’s fine for what it is.



-   Ricky Chiang


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