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Category:    Home > Reviews > Mystery > British TV > Detective > Drama > New Tricks - Season Four (2007/Acorn Media DVD Set)

New Tricks - Season Four (2007/Acorn Media DVD Set)


Picture: C     Sound: C     Extras: D     Episodes: C+



Three old, semi-retired detectives are called back into service to solve police cold cases in this latest season of New Tricks.  Led by a younger, feisty, female superintendent Sandra Pullman, Gerry, Brian and Jack look clues to the past, armed with their knowledge, charm and long time experience they find the clues to solve cases which younger policeman couldn't solve or have given up on.  These old dogs still got a trick or two up their sleeves in Season Four.
They don't kick down doors or shoot guns, but when it comes to solving crime these three old fogeys show if there is one thing that still isn't too old, using their noggins and old fashion policework and paperwork.  Gerry Standing is like an old Howard Hughes or charming the old man, Brian Lane is the brain of the group or Mr. Know-it-all and Jack Halford is glue that keeps them together and them from each other's necks.  Their heyday might be long gone but their skills are still sharp where it counts.
The BBC has done it again, another detective series to solve strange crimes and murder mysteries, though not as well as they usually do.  Like all murder mysteries they present all the possible suspects in the beginning and then you deduce who has enough reason to kill or murder.  The series was like watching a mix of The Three Stooges (plus one girl) with CSI; it was refreshing to see an old cast of detectives than a group of younger ones.
Casualty - The boys are in the hospital after a car accident, but was it really an accident? While recuperating they learn there was a separate murder at the hospital.
God's Waiting Room - Sandra uncovers a murder while looking for a nursing home for her mother, the last place any where any of the guys want to be.
Ducking and Diving - An armored car is found 40 feet underwater in a lake, what happened to it's cargo and it driver is brought back up.
Nine Lives - When a vast inheritance is left behind to cats and the last cat dies, relatives and relationship come claiming the inheritance, but the woman who owned them was said to be eaten…  by cats.
Power House - A number of mysterious bank notes were recently uncovered from a power plant, it seemed to be a cover up for some government operation.
Buried Treasure - A 600 year old corpse is found in the ground, but string of mysterious calls leads the Team to believe there are a few much younger corpses buried in the grounds somewhere nearby.
Father's Pride - Some old film is found in a red district renovation, evidence to an old case of a body found in the alley nearby.  Gerry's daughter decides to help out with the case.
Big Topped - A case of spontaneous human combustion is brought back up when the man's daughter shows up years later.  Was it really a case of spontaneous combustion or murder?

Picture and sound are on par with our coverage of the Season Three set at this link:




And there are no extras.



-   Ricky Chiang


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