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Logan’s Run – Original Television Soundtrack

(Limited Edition CD)


Sound: B     Music: B



I have to admit, it was very unexpected.  When Film Score Monthly’s FSM label issued an expanded soundtrack to the 1976 original feature film version of Logan’s Run a few years ago (reviewed elsewhere on this site), I knew it was going to be great.  I figured that that was it, until the remake went into full swing.  Then, suddenly, FSM released the soundtrack to the short-lived TV show.  I was stunned.  Was there enough music for a CD?  You mean the TV version with that Discotheque Sci-Fi theme song that always made it feel like the show was rushed and not well thought out?  You mean the music master’s survived?


Yes, and it turns out the show had four composers, none of which were Jerry Goldsmith.  Despite Goldsmith going from TV to film all the time, he was not available for the series, so Lawrence Rosenthal took over and did the majority of the new music for what turned out to only be a 14-episode run, three shows of which recycled past music.  Even Goldsmith’s Carrousel was used in the show.  There is a chart in the great booklet included that shows all the episodes by title, CBS-TV airdate, production number to show the order the shows were made, teleplay writers, directors, composer, and when the music was recorded.  Add the descriptions of each show where new music exists and this practically functions like an episode guide, more or less.


The show was not great, and had to retreat from the many mature and bolder themes of the film to appeal to a wider audience on 1970s prime time TV, but as compared to the recent cycle of very, very bad Science Fiction TV shows inspired by the do-it-until-we-get-it-right-and-make-it-a-hit Star Trek series, the ideas of the shows that did get produced were far more ambitious.


The PCM 2.0 sound is from the original three-track magnetic masters the music was recorded on and in a great additional development, all 14 tracks are actually in stereo!  I was impressed and having heard the music in mono from these shows in the occasional broadcasts of the episodes, this is a revelation.  Rosenthal’s music includes the wacky theme song and the majority of the compositions, including Bumpers.  This is a simple and brief two-part piece that is meant to cushion the commercial breaks.  Other music for select episodes is by Jeff Alexander (Capture), Jerold Immel (The Innocent, Half Life) and Bruce Broughton (Fear Factor, Night Visitors).  Needless to say, this is the debut of the music outside of the episodes on CD or any other format and the music outside of the “disco” theme is much better than expected.  Electronics are rarely used on these tracks.


M-G-M TV had high hopes for the show, higher than CBS did, who did not even broadcast the final three episodes.  This included trying to launch an action figure collection with then-hot Mego toys.  Very recently, prototypes for three of the four 9” action figures surfaced and dupes in their popular 8” configuration have surfaced as custom items.  Look on the web for more details.


Having been a moderate hit, it is a surprise M-G-M did not continue making more feature films from William F. Nolan’s Logan books, as there were three of them.  The studio had censored the film (as the extras on the long out of print LaserDisc Special Edition of the film explains) and may have preferred a conservative approach, but a sequel film would have been in the works instead of this TV series and it could have capitalized on Star Wars quicker than any other studio in town.  The original M-G-M might even still be with us today if this had happened, but they were cutting back feature film production, which turned out to be a fatal mistake to the company.


The series has never been issued on home video of any kind, but if Warner Bros. (now the owners of all M-G-M films and TV series to 1986) puts the entire series on DVD, they should go back to these music tracks and do stereo remixes for all of them.  That may be more in the cards than ever, since Bryan Singer (Apt Pupil, The Usual Suspects, the X-Men films) is in serious negotiation to remake the 1976 film for Warner.  If this happens, anything of the old film or TV show that is not out there will likely be issued or reissued.  Like the incredible FSM soundtrack by Jerry Goldsmith of the feature film, this TV soundtrack is limited to only 3,000 copies, so we suggest you order both at www.filmscoremonthly.com while they are available.  This is one of an increasing number of great TV soundtracks and with the even greater film score, demand could likely outstrip supply even before the remake goes into production.  With the sound quality on both CDs so exceptional, those interested would be making a mistake to pass on them now.



The link for the 1976 feature film FSM CD is as follows:





-   Nicholas Sheffo


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