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Category:    Home > Reviews > Animation > Animals > Children > The Fox & The Hound – 30th Anniversary Edition/The Fox and the Hound II (Disney 2-Movie Collection Blu-ray + DVD)

The Fox and the Hound – 30th Anniversary Edition/The Fox and the Hound II (Disney 2 Movie Collection Blu-ray + DVD)


Picture: B+ (Blu-ray)/B- (DVD)     Sound: B+ (Blu-ray)/B- (DVD)     Extras: C     Films: C+/C-



Next to making classics and direct to home video sequels, the next thing Disney is best at is double dips.  Whereas this is the first time we have seen The Fox and the Hound and The Fox and the Hound II on Blu-ray, it wasn’t too long ago we saw them both on DVD.  The first Fox and the Hound was only a mild hit for the studio and created right before the Disney Renaissance; the sequel was a direct to video film that wasn’t as interesting as it was a cash grab, one based on a film that didn’t do too hot to begin with.


Below you will find the links for my full insight into both films; including storylines and DVD specs; the DVDs are included with this set, catering to those who haven’t quite upgraded yet.









Here I will exclusively discuss the merits of the films’ conversion over to Blu-ray.  The films a without a doubt a huge upgrade from DVD.  Surprisingly I will rate the picture and sound quality of these as about the same.  The picture on both films (though not pristine) is quite nice, even as both films are squeezed on one Blu-ray disc.  I was shocked how great the first film’s colors, clarity and background art popped on this disc.  The first film was always a bit grainy and does not detract from the film experience here on Blu-ray; the sequel however is crisp, clean, and clear though the backdrops are not nearly as nice.  There is some amount of digital noise that pops up here and there though nothing too distracting.


What is distracting, however, is the thin vertical line that flickers at the right of the screen.  Many may miss this, but me being OCD it was unbearably distracting as the line flickered and got thicker and thinner throughout; like some kind of VHS tracking line.  As I said many may miss this but I was going nuts.  There is some dirt and debris in the first film (something the second does not have) solidifying that this is in no way a platinum release.  The sound is like the picture, good but nothing overwhelmingly stunning.  The sound on both films is a 5.1 DTS-HD Master Audio that gets the job done with adequate directionality and little distortion.  The full speaker range is hardly used (rears are absent) with the sequel doing better than the original, but as I said it gets the job done.


The extras are not very entertaining as they are ported over from the DVDs and some are missing from the original DVDs at that.  The extras include:


“Unlikely Friends” is an dreadful featurette about cartoon animals that seems misplaced and poorly conceived (HD)

Trailers (HD)

Passing the Baton: Making of The Fox and Hound Featurette

“Best of Friends” Sing-A-Long

The Making of the Music – Behind the Scenes of Fox and the Hound II

“You Know I Will” Music Video for Fox and the Hound II by Lucas Grabeel



I am not quite sure to make of this release.  Is it the fact that both films weren’t that great to begin with that makes this release subpar, or is it lack of trying on Disney’s part?  I am not quite sure.  Regardless I was less than thrilled and with releases like this it makes me wonder if certain Disney titles will ever get the ‘Platinum Treatment.’



-   Michael P. Dougherty II


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