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Category:    Home > Reviews > TV Situation Comedy > Science Fiction > Grounded For Life: Complete First Season/Roseanne/That ‘70s Show/3rd Rock From The Sun: Complete First Season & Second Season DVD Sets (Carsey Werner/Mill Creek)

Grounded For Life: Complete First Season/Roseanne/That ‘70s Show/3rd Rock From The Sun: Complete First Season & Second Season DVD Sets (Carsey Werner/Mill Creek)


Picture: C     Sound: C     Extras: C-/C/C-/B-     Episodes: C-/B-/C-/B



Once again, some well known (for the most part) TV shows have gone out of print, only to be reissued by another company.  This time, it is Mill Creek reissuing Carsey Werner TV sitcoms previously issued by two other companies.  We have pretty much covered them all, as the following will show:


Grounded For Life: The Complete First Season



This is the same exact set including extras and is as lame as ever.  Picture and sound are a bit poorer, but in this case, that will only mean something to serious fans.


Roseanne had the controversy of the first DVD set of The Complete First Season issued in shorter syndicated versions, so this set corrects that and has the same extras otherwise as the original set we covered here:




The Complete Second Season has most of the same extras (save a look at the first season) and is the same set we reviewed otherwise here:




Of course, the star has been in the news for being more controversial than ever, even discussing running for President of the U.S., which would actually stop these shows from being broadcast for a while if she would actually, somehow do so.  Once again, the picture and sound are not as good as the older set, but not by much.  That the first set is the only complete version on DVD makes that a tough choice for fans.


That ‘70s Show has been issued in a The Complete First Season set that has two featurettes and a trivia bit, while The Complete Second Season has Webisodes, a look back at the previous season and “A Talk” with Director David Trainer.  We actually started looking at the show with the earlier Season Four set, which sums up my feeling about the whole series:




In this case, the picture is just as bad, but the sound worse than that Season Four set, so I cannot imagine if the original two seasons looked and sounded this poor, but fans might notice.


Finally we have the best of the shows, 3rd Rock From The Sun, reissuing The Complete First Season set we covered before:




As well as The Complete Second Season we also covered before:




Extras are almost the same but less, with DVD-ROM scripts from Season One, booklets from both seasons and the 3D episode Nightmare On Dick Street is not here in 3D of any kind, though I could see a special Blu-ray issued with the new version of Blu-ray 3D down the line so we’ll see what happens.  Otherwise, this relaunch will help fill empty spaces in the various collections of fans of the shows.



-   Nicholas Sheffo


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