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Category:    Home > Reviews > Mystery > British TV > Detective > Drama > New Tricks - Season Five (2008/Acorn Media DVD Set)

New Tricks - Season Five (2008/Acorn Media DVD Set)


Picture: C     Sound: C     Extras: D     Episodes: C+



Superintendent Sandra Pullman leads the cold case unit, retired policemen to solve cases that have been long forgotten or given up by the local metropolitan police.  Looked down by their peers and superiors these old dogs show they maybe slower, but their minds aren't, that when it comes to the past their memories are better than anyone else.  They still have a trick or two up their sleeves in yet another season of New Tricks, now reaching Season Five.
In this season everything comes to a boil, it might be the end of the unsolved crimes unit.  After the trial of Jack's wife's murder, Jack may have permanently walked away from the team.  Brian hides his alcoholic problems from the group, Gerry must face the truth with his daughter, and Sandra finally find some clues to what happened to her father and why he was thrown from the force.  Each one of the unit members has to deal with their own personal demons.  Not to mention their unit is threatened to be shut down if they do not solve a case soon...
If you like murder and mystery with British accents with a bit a humor then look no further.  A bunch of retired coppers, showing up like tired old dogs are on the scent when the trail has gone cold.  All the cases have long been over, the only way they can solve these old cases are to find the clues the original team might have missed.  However what is maybe even more interesting is not as much as the weird cases they receive, but the characters own personal drama of their lives.
Spare Parts - A dead girl's father is dead, but over her donated organs, why would someone kill the father of her organs that saved lives?  Jack case goes on trial; unfortunately he fights a crooked lawyer.
Final Curtain Call - A murder happens on stage with a loaded gun prop, but who is the real guilty party when all the suspects are professional actors and liars?
A Face for the Radio - A burned down radio station is considered murder when a body is found, but the truth is far uglier, that they were covering up something... show biz ain't pretty.
Loyalties & Royalties - A old rock and roll band is being invested when a legend is found penniless after his death, who stole his royalties and his songs?  The band is brought back together for one last time.
Couldn't Organize One - This is a case that the boys like, murder in a beer factory.  Perk - all the beer they can drink.
Magic Majestic - The team investigates a murder between a magician and his victim, can you hypnotize someone too commit murder without knowing it?
Communal Living - In a perfect hippie society everyone lives in harmony, but when a body is linked to the community, what secrets does it hide?
Mad Dogs - Murder is suspected in the military and the plot thickens when it is linked to some government drug experimentation on soldier. MI5 is in the way, hiding or destroying all the evidence.



Picture and sound are a little weaker this time versus our coverage of the Season Three set at this link:




And there are again no extras.



-   Ricky Chiang


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