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Category:    Home > Reviews > Martial Arts Cycle > Action > Drama > Gangster > Triad – Underworld (2004/Palisade Tartan Asia Extreme DVD)

Triad – Underworld (2004/Palisade Tartan Asia Extreme DVD)
Picture: B     Sound: B     Extras: C     Film: B-



Triad mob boss Hung had just found out someone put a hit out for him.  Should he fight or should he run?  Both his right-hand man Lefty and his lieutenants encourage him to leave town and leave it to them, but can Hung afford to do so, if he leaves the other mob bosses might see him as a coward, but his men will go wild without him around.  His only option is to find out who called the hit and hit him back before they get him.  The streets of Hong Kong will be covered in blood before this is all over in Wong Ching-Po’s Triad – Underworld (2004).


Mob Boss Hung couldn't have found out about this hit at a worst time, his wife just had a baby and some is out to take him out of the picture.  Lefty, Hung's right-hand man/best friend, feels Hung has gone soft since he became a father and has his own ambition to take over the Triad for himself.  Lefty would like Hung to just give up his position and hand it over to him but both knows it's not going to be easy as that, but Hung see through Lefty's plans and plays masterful mind game with Lefty and reminds him there are 'rules' and that killing isn't all that there is to being a mob boss.  As Hung and Lefty dance around each other, each moment the assassin is getting closer.
I love these Hong Kong movies, they are always so much more complex and have more subtitles.  Superstar Andy Lau play a shrewd mob boss and what started out as two street punks being hired out to kill a mob boss, turns out to be a coup d'état by his most trusted man, but film then gives it a twist, the two street punks hired turns out to parallel the to the two main character's past, is it their past or is it history repeating itself?  Two best friends who grew up on the streets to become the most powerful Triad, and now the only one left to kill is each other... after years of being blood brothers is blood thicker than water?  Extras include making of the film, music video and trailer.



-   Ricky Chiang


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