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Danny Phantom Season One (Nickelodeon/Shout Factory DVD Set)


Picture: B- Sound: B- Extras: D Episodes: B+



Danny was just a regular boy until he walked into his parent's ghost viewing machine, and turned him into a superpowered teen ghost, he is able to fly, turn invisible, intangible, and much more. Now with the powers of a ghost he and his best friends Tucker and Sam they work together to send the evil spooks and spirits back to the ghost realm in Danny Phantom Season One.
This is a comical series, a boy who can turn into a ghost to hunt stray ghosts that come into the human world. His two friends Tucker, a techno geek, and Sam, a girl Goth help him in his various adventures (and misadventures), all the meanwhile hide his secret from his ghost hunting obsessed parents.
This was a very funny and amusing series, good for family all ages. Its story is funny and sometimes touching how the main character's two best friends help each other out because they are considered the social outcasts of the school, paired along with the crazy antics there is no end to the crazy contraptions/machines and family drama they have to deal with.

Episode 1: Mystery Meat
A ghost lunch lady is serving a new menu at Danny's school.
Episode 2: Parental Bonding
Danny's parents are chaperoning the school dance, and Danny's date has an enchanted necklace that turns her into a Dragon.
Episode 3: One of a Kind
A ghost hunter is after Danny for his collection.
Episode 4: Attack of the Killer Garage Sale
A mad scientist ghost takes over a bunch of machines and turns into a gigantic robot
Episode 5: Splitting Images
A bullied ghost steal Danny's body and Danny is stuck in the ghost's body.
Episode 6: What You Want
A ghost genie is granting nightmare wishes.
Episode 7: Bitter Reunion
Danny's dad's old rival is back and after Danny's mom, and he is half ghost just like Danny.
Episode 8: Prisoner of Love
Danny's father forgets his anniversary and now his parents might get a divorce, can Danny save this crisis?
Episode 9: My Brother's Keeper
Jas finds out about Danny's secret powers.
Episode 10: Shades of Grey
Danny classmate Valerie has some beef with Danny Phantom and goes hunting for him with some high tech weapons.
Episode 11: Fanning the Flames
A ghost girl rock star has plans to go world wide... and take over the world.
Episode 12: Teacher of the Year
Danny's grades are trouble and leaves him stuck in school. It is up to Tucker and Sam to stop a ghost from taking over their favorite on-line game.
Episode 13: 13
Ghost biker Johnny 13 is looking for a girl for his ghost girlfriend to possess, Danny's sister.
Episode 14: Public Enemies
Ghost warden Walker wants Danny in his cell and invades the human realm.
Episode 15: Fright Night
Danny and Dash compete in a fright night contest.
Episode 16: Maternal Instincts
Danny and his mom go on a mother and son bonding trip.
Episode 17: Lucky in Love
Johnny 13's ghost girlfriend dumps Johnny for Danny, now Danny somehow has to save Johnny's lovelife.
Episode 18: Life Lessons
Danny and Valerie has to take care of their 'baby' for class, but Skuller shows up and takes the baby.
Episode 19: The Million Dollar Ghost
A million dollar bounty is placed on Danny brings ghost hunters from all around the world.
Episode 20: Control Freaks
A Goth circus is in town, but Danny seems to have been turned into a slave ghost.



- Ricky Chiang


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