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Category:    Home > Reviews > Reality TV > Mystery > Speculation > Brad Meltzer's DECODED – Season One (History Channel/A&E DVD)

Brad Meltzer's DECODED - Season One (History Channel/A&E DVD)


Picture: B-     Sound: B-     Extras: D     Episodes: B+



Welcome to Brad Meltzer's Decoded, along with his people they strive to uncover truth that is hidden right in front plain sight, hidden symbols and their mysteries from past.  Anything from prophecies of the end of the world to world wide government conspiracies as featured here. Join him as he look for clues left behind hundreds of years ago, as he searches for them with modern science and skills of deductions.  Could the truth which had been hidden until now be uncovered?  What was the real story behind the Statue of Liberty, the Lincoln Assassination, origins of espionage and many other tales?
A great number of facts, clues and mysteries are left behind and when they don't add up Brad Meltzer and his team is on it.  From things that could of been done by secret societies to government cover ups.  The clues and facts that Meltzer presents are compelling to say the least, and will make you think twice about what we know.  Why aren’t people researching the truth further when the clues are right in front of them?  Is someone trying to keep the truth hidden?  These answers could change the history entirely if they could be brought to light.
Brad Meltzer is already an accomplished author/writer with books on conspiracies, hidden symbols, and cover ups.  Most of his books are based on some the things he has discovered, but a great deal remains uncovered. Brad Meltzer's team travels across the country to unravel some of these mysteries, sometimes even getting arrested. But nothing will stop them from finding out the real truth.


The White House
The missing cornerstone to White House is said to have some hidden things inside, what was inside and who might have taken it?
Secret Presidential Codes
One of the greatest American explorer Meriwether Lewis was said to have committed suicide, but what if he was murdered and the government doesn't want us to find out?
Statue of Liberty
The Statue of Liberty has long been the symbol of America standing for freedom and liberty, but what if it was really build by a secret society with a more sinister meaning?
The Lincoln Assassination
John Wilkes Booth the man who assassinated Abraham Lincoln, what if there were clues that told you he was never executed?  Would you want to know who?
Confederate Gold
After the collapse of the Confederate States in the Civil War of America what happen to the millions of dollars in gold they had?  Where did the 'Knights of the Golden Circle' hide them?
D.B. Cooper
This was the last successful Air hijacking ransom of the 20th century, what happened to D.B. Cooper and where is he now?
Several ancient races and people have predicted the end of the world, Brad Meltzer explorers the signs that would mean coming of the apocalypse, could they be right?
The President's Inner Circle
Explore the origins of American spies, FBI and CIA.  Washington's Culper Spy Ring, who were they and how did they remain unknown for over a century?
Secret Societies
Several societies have included power men from history, presidents, generals, the richest people in the world.  Every year they meet, but what do they talk about?
Apocalypse in Georgia
The Georgia Guidestones have left a cryptic message for the future, but the most scary message is the worlds population is to be under 5 hundred million, is it a sign of some great human purge?



-   Ricky Chiang


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