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Category:    Home > Reviews > Live Action > Computer Animation > Arthur & The Invisibles 2 & 3: The New Minimoy Adventures (Fox DVD Set)

Arthur & The Invisibles 2 & 3: The New Minimoy Adventures (Fox DVD Set)


Picture: B-     Sound: C+     Extras: D     Main Programs: B+



Imagine a world that is just hidden beyond your own eyes, in your very own back yard, a world so small it's right under you.  Arthur is a young boy who discovers this world, along with his grandparents and his wayward (and clueless) parents they, Arthur journeys to the land of the Minimoy sharing adventures and dangers, making friends and battling the evil forces of Maltazard.
In "Arthur 2: The Revenge of Maltazard", Arthur becomes full fledged guardian of nature, but when he receives an urgent message for help, he returns to the land of the Minimoy.  As struggles to find out who sent the message and find his feisty Princess Selenia, evil Maltazard is back and has plans to take Arthur's place in the human world.  In "Arthur 3: The War of Two Worlds" After failing to take over the world of the small, Maltazard instead has plans to take over the Arthur's world, human world.  Now Arthur is trapped in the Minimoy's world and only 2mm tall, must somehow find a way back and stop a 7-foot-tall Maltazard and his army.
This was an amusing children's CGI movie, it is sort of like A Bug's Life crossed with a fairy tale.  A young boy, a tomboy princess, and their friends protecting their world(s) from the forces of evil (and nature hating parents).  It takes the imagination of a miniaturized world and how they would function like the large world.  In the 3rd movie it does a reversal and the character come into the 'real' world and you get to see characters in costume instead.  The movies make a lot other references/cameos to other films (Star Wars) as well as modern pop songs in the films.



-   Ricky Chiang


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