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Category:    Home > Reviews > Horror > Vampire > Gangster > British > Dead Cert (2010/Shout! Factory DVD)

Dead Cert (2010/Shout! Factory DVD)


Picture: C     Sound: D     Extras: C     Feature: C+



Freddie Frankham after years of work have finally built the nightclub of his dreams in East End London, he has all the girls, booze, drugs, money and gambling.  Everything is perfect ...that is until a new gang comes into the neighborhood and want to buy it out underneath him.  The opposing leader Dante 'The Wolf', who wants Freddie's land and club does not like him very much, but after losing the club in a bet, Freddie discovers he was cheated by a 500 year-old vampire and his coven.  Human or not, Freddie isn't going to stand for being muscled out of his turf...
Dead Cert offers tough-as-nails gangster-boss Freddie and his crew taking on the outside gang.  Freddie says the club isn't up for sale, at any price, but when Dante sweetens the deal with a 300 million pound (British currency) bet in fight between Freddie's man and his, Freddie just can't pass up the chance for big money.  But after the fight Freddie's man ends up in the grave and he losses everything ...that is until Freddie learns Dante and his crew are actually vampires and his man had no chance of winning at all...  Now Freddie and his crew wants their club back (as well as some payback) and they ain't taking no for an answer.  Jason Flemyng and Steven Berkoff lead the cast.
If I could sum this movie up in three words it would be "vampire smack down". Vampires versus London gangsters as you can tell from my description; a cunning vampire leader and a fearless mob boss, both are ruthless men and unafraid of spilling a little blood.  But while the vampires are toying with the humans, they underestimated how angry they made mob.  That even a 500 year-old vampire isn't above the saying "Payback is a bitch."  The picture was weak and the sound very flat to the point I could not enjoy this as much as I should have, but maybe the Blu-ray is better in both regards.  Extras include audio commentary, making of Dead Cert and trailer.



-   Ricky Chiang


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